About Inspector Jones

Inspector Jones has helped over 100,000 businesses to find software. We show you what to look for, and who to put on your shortlist, to find the world’s very best. You can contact us by email, or list your product on Inspector Jones.

When you’re starting an IT project, it’s new territory, and it can be easy to head down the wrong path. Often, you don’t know which vendors to talk to, or what hard questions you should be asking. You need good information to make a good decision - but instead you find hype, marketing promotions and biased reviews.

That’s why we created Inspector Jones - because it should be easy to find the right enterprise software. Inspector Jones gives you professional reviews written by seasoned IT experts… so that you can build a shortlist of the right business software and services in under an hour.

How Inspector Jones helps you shortlist

We focus on one thing - how to help you get the best shortlist of business applications and services - including cloud providers. We take great care to list, rank and shortlist vendors based on quality. Our professional review covers:

  • How successful other customers have been with this software or service,
  • How a vendor meets best-practice,
  • Whether the company is healthy, well-funded and has a clear strategy,
  • Target service levels and support,
  • Historical availability and downtime,
  • Data centers and their ratings,
  • Compliance with industry standards for data privacy and security.

Our listing criteria

Inspector Jones only lists enterprise-grade software and services. We take our job of shortlisting very seriously:

  • We only list proven solutions - that deliver real benefits to customers
  • We only list solutions that are well-maintained and being actively developed.
  • We prefer cloud services, or software available as a managed hosting subscription.

How we grade software and services

Inspector Jones conducts serious of cloud and managed services, across 15 different criteria. We review features, flexibility, partners/assistance, support, service-levels, size, track-record, architecture, security measures, independent audit/certification, vendor health, compatibility, community engagement, use of 3rd parties and data ownership.

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