Weekly updates from your team buyers guide by Inspector Jones

Teams thrive on good communication and feedback. These weekly update tools automate the process of getting reports from your team about their progress and what’s on their mind.

Our buyers’ guide for weekly update software lists the best software available for automating the process of getting your team to write weekly reports. These tools are a great way to get visibility into what’s happening in the workplace, give feedback, and engage your staff.

Our Shortlist

Best for organizing and tracking


Inspector Jones recommends TeamAhoy as the best option if you plan to include tasks and projects in weekly reporting. TeamAhoy provides weekly reporting for your team which allows you to provide feedback, report on tasks from week-to-week. It was the only software reviewed which also included project management features, and allows you and include more detailed updates, file attachments and checklists.

Best for people engagement


15Five has a reputation for helping teams engage their staff by providing weekly reports and feedback. It includes questions to ask your staff each week, a question library, plus you can provide feedback and flag answers for future follow-up.

What will you get from weekly updates?

We’ve found that managers use weekly update software to engage their team, and improve on-on-one communication between staff and managers. Here are some of the benefits that people report:

  • Providing regular management feedback to staff
  • Engaging staff members by giving them a voice
  • Keeping people informed and up-to-date
  • Giving managers an understanding of staff progress
  • Providing one-on-one staff-to-manager communication for distributed teams

What we reviewed

We’ve reviewed the top software for weekly check-ins with staff members. Here’s what we looked for:

  • Automated process for asking weekly questions of your staff
  • Questions with free-form responses
  • Ability to give feedback and hold conversations
  • Configurable questions whether using a pre-built question library or write your own
  • Configurable reporting schedules - ability to adjust what questions are asked, and when
  • Consolidated overview of all team responses
  • Ability to include attachments or images
  • Ability to support multiple reviewers for reports
  • Different types of questions - including numeric responses, text, or lists
  • Reporting - able to track metrics and trends across team and organisation
  • Track items from week to week, and flag for follow-up

Where all of the options were strong

All of the software reviewed provided automated process for weekly reporting. The tools we looked at all provided a good way to configure questions, including thought-provoking questions with free-form responses, and provided some form of library for best-practice management questions.

We think that any of these options will help you to engage your staff, provide management insights, and give feedback to your team.

Strongest tracking and organizing features

TeamAhoy was the only software with project management features, which makes it be strongest for tracking items week-to-week.

TeamAhoy provides a team dashboard, with an overview of everything happening in your team. It also keeps track of updates from week to week, so you can scroll back through the history of updates for each task. TeamAhoy also allows attaching files, images and checklists

Strongest market presence

15Five is the strongest for its market presence.

15Five has been in the market for longer than most of the other tools reviewed. It is a more mature product, and has been tested and proven by a lot of real-world teams. We like 15Five’s focus on employee engagement and feedback.