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January, 2015 is a relatively young product from Y-combinator graduate, Elastic. It markets itself as “sales software designed by salespeople”. It is not a fully-featured CRM, but it contains all the essential parts of one for sales firms, and excels at those parts. is obviously best suited for firms specializing in sales, and it targets freelancers, small and medium sized businesses.

It comes with a 14 day free trial. Once you have had your trial you have four service levels to choose from.

The Basic level costs $59/user/month. You get the basic app (either Windows or Mac) with contacts, leads and opportunities, 2-way email integration and API access. The focus on contacts is the heart of the application. The app helps your sales reps in their interactions with contacts, freeing up their time from the drudgery of data entry.

One particularly useful feature is the 2-way email integration. The app takes all emails any member of your team receives or sends, and attaches them to the file of any relevant lead. If you look at the relevant client’s file you can instantly see all email communication with them. This happens automatically behind the scenes, with no data entry needed.

For $99/user/month you sign up for the Professional level version. You get every thing offered in the Basic version, along with bulk email sending, automatic call tracking, and a phone number with unlimited calling in the USA and Canada.

This clearly differentiates from other CRM products. In practice phone calls are treated much in the same way that emails are. Sales reps can make, and receive, calls from potential clients directly from within the application rather than using a separate phone. These calls are automatically logged and attached to the relevant client’s file. Sales reps can spend all of their time making calls and no time at all logging information.

The next pricing tier is Business at $149/user/month. This takes all the Professional features and adds unlimited worldwide calling, call audio recording, toll-free numbers and ring groups, voice-mail drop, call transferring, and customer reporting graphs. The last feature is useful for analysis of your success metrics (and counters a criticism that lacks the reporting features of many of its competitors).

The highest level is Enterprise at $299/user/month which takes all of the Business features, and adds personalized training and sales consultation, integration and VoIP consulting, custom NDA and enhanced support (it offers telephone support, whereas at all of the other levels your support has to be via email or chat). This tier costs considerably more than the other levels, but it offers considerably more hand-holding.

Is from Elastic suitable for your business? That depends on how big a proportion of your business is devoted to sales. There are quite a few features offered in more traditional CRMs that are not part of this package (although it does integrate well using Zapier with quite a few other apps). If you are heavily sales-focused you should take a good look at

The Sales Pitch

Close More Deals. Make More Sales.

  • Make & receive calls with 1 click
  • Emails sent & received are automatically tracked
  • One beautiful sales workflow with no manual data entry

Make more calls

Make and receive calls with just 1-click. All calls are logged automatically (no manual data entry!). Lead activity information pops up as soon as the phone rings so the data you need is always at your finger tips!

Say NO to data entry

We hate data entry as much as you do, so we tried our hardest to help you avoid it. With auto-logging of calls, emails, and activity you can spend more time closing deals instead of entering data.

For sales people, by sales people was born in Elastic’s Sales lab after our sales people became frustrated with the inefficiencies of existing CRMs. We designed with the goal of making sales people as efficient as possible.


Contacts, Leads & Opportunities, Windows/Mac Native Apps, 2-Way Email Integration, API Access, Bulk Email Sending, Calls Automatically Tracked, Phone Number + Unlimited Calling, Call Audio Recording, Toll-Free Numbers/Ring Groups, Voicemail Drop, Call Transferring, Custom Reporting Graphs, Personalized Training & Sales Consulting, Integration & VoIP Consulting


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