Review of BlueCherry Suite

February, 2015

Rating: 4/5

BlueCherry is an ERP that is tailored to the Fashion and Consumer Goods Industries. Most professionals in these industries are constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing consumer demand for more innovative products and more frequent product releases.

On the other hand, they are also responsible for reducing costs and cycle times, basically doing more with less.

This is where BlueCherry’s Enterprise Suite offers a wide range of integrated solutions, including apparel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software, supporting the specific needs of these industries.

The system covers your entire concept-to-consumer process, allowing you to save time, control costs, increase productivity and gain visibility and control over your entire in-house and supply chain operations.

Some of BlueCherry’s key features include:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) BlueCherry ERP enables you to manage everything from customer orders to deliveries, planning to production, raw materials to finished products and everything in between with a single, integrated business solution.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) BlueCherry Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can help you achieve compliance while improving buyer/seller collaboration, reducing costs and improving efficiency. BlueCherry EDI for Fashion, Apparel and Consumer Goods reduces order processing times, accelerates collections, provides visibility into sales performance, reduces chargebacks and cuts business transaction costs, all by automating document preparation and processing.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) BlueCherry PLM manages the full range of merchandise planning, product and materials development, purchasing, and more. The system’s implementation can be in the form of a stand-alone system, integrated with virtually any ERP system or as a fully-integrated component of the BlueCherry Enterprise solution.

Collaborative Supply Chain (CSC) CSC enables integrated processes and improved collaboration across all of your supply chains. Development and sourcing teams can more effectively share product specifications, manage sample fittings and track milestones in real time. Sourcing and production teams can manage bids, share real-time production updates and support packing and shipping operations.

Mobile Wholesale Solution (MWS) BlueCherry’s MWS for Fashion, Apparel and Consumer Goods companies increases speed and accuracy with all the benefits of mobile order processing tools.

The system makes all relevant ERP order and inventory information available 24/7 to your mobile sales force at customer sites, showrooms, trade shows or anywhere they need to do business.

Ease of use

BlueCherry has been called the most functionally complete and most user-friendly ERP for the Fashion Apparel and Consumer Goods markets.

BlueCherry’s design is made to mimic Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook, so it delivers an easy to learn and use experience that most people are already accustomed to.

With an abundance of productivity tools, users can do more, quicker than ever before. Intelligent features like type-ahead search, history and user-definable styles help locate records quickly.

BlueCherry also offers users the ability to design the experience that works best for them with customizable dashboards, forms, menus and reports. You can easily customize any system form, report, menu or dashboard without having to modify a single line of code.

Customer Service

CGS, the developers of BlueCherry offer a wide range of impressive customer support and training tools to get you up and running and keep things running smooth.

Technical Support CGS offers IT help desk solutions, hardware troubleshooting or software solutions that allow you to better manage your site support, manage depot repair and field dispatch processes or just help customers complete web transactions.

Training CGS offers experiential learning through 3-D, game-like environments using virtual interactions to help learners grasp and retain concepts. Their customized learning experiences mimic the real world and provide hands-on experience with the user’s business applications. With over 30 years of experience, CGS has a firm grasp of their customers’ needs and how to solve any problems that arise.

CGS also offers several ways for users to gain the education they require to operate the system efficiently and effectively. All of this creates a sound foundation for the user to get up and running a keep things running smooth.

Problems and Complaints

I have come across very little to not like about BlueCherry. The system offers a complete solution for the Fashion Apparel and Consumer Goods industries.

In Conclusion

BlueCherry is a system which has mainly been designed for the Fashion Apparel and Consumer Goods Industries, meaning it is focused on the industries and retailers’ requirements through the whole process of concept-to-consumer better than any other system available.

From fulfilling customer needs to inventory control and shipping, BlueCherry is an efficient system to cover all of the ever changing needs in the industry. Of course, BlueCherry will be effective for other businesses, but the thing that makes it so efficient for the Fashion industry is that there isn’t any modification required to make it adaptable to Fashion industry.

BlueCherry’s design mirrors Microsoft applications which is a huge benefit because most people are already accustomed to the design, making it much more user friendly than having to learn a whole new design.

CGS, the developers of BlueCherry, also offer a wealth of educational/learning options for the system, which is always a huge benefit.

Whether you need it or not, the information is there, making the system that much easier to learn and be able to answer any questions that may pop up along the way.

The Sales Pitch

CGS’s BlueCherry Enterprise Suite has the built-in capacity to address the fundamental needs of all core management, planning, design and product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and sales functions.

Our flexible, modular approach allows us to configure solutions to fit each client’s aspirations — launching as one comprehensive integrated system that reaches across a client’s entire organization, or implementing in a step-by-step fashion to grow along with a client’s business.

With end-to-end capabilities, the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite enables consumer lifestyle products companies to manage critical business transactions and concept-to-consumer processes to improve speed to market, gain greater process visibility and control, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management and Collaboration (SCM), Advanced Warehouse Management (AWS), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Business Intelligence (BI), Multi-Channel Merchandise Planning (MCMP), Mobile Sales Management (MSM)


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