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Replicon offers a range of products, that are predominantly based on time-tracking. These products cover client billing, project costing, work-attendance tracking, time-off tracking and expense tracking. Together, the products capture all of a firm’s time-based income and expenses, and keeps a constant track of them.

There are, in some cases, variant products for different sized businesses. For instance TimeBill is client-billing for small to medium-sized businesses, whereas RepliconPSM is the client-billing package for enterprises. Similarly, TimeCost is project tracking software aimed at small and medium businesses, with RepliconPPM the project software for enterprises.

There are many similarities between these four projects. All four products include instant project creation, easy time capture by project, task-level time-tracking, project level permission and configurable approval workflows, as well as configurable reports and analytics.

The main difference between the $16 per user / month TimeCost and the $22 per user / month TimeBill is that TimeBill has additional billing and client capabilities, allowing for billing management, practice management and client management.

The Enterprise versions replicate the features of the smaller versions, and (in both cases) add resource management, skills management, placeholder resources, allocation-based estimates, and project and resource forecasting. RepliconPSM also integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce software that many enterprises use.

WebExpense, which costs $4 per user / month, analyses expenses by project, and easily creates expense sheets and reports. Employees can enter expense information, and if you have any of the Replicon project billing or costing products, relevant information entered there will immediately transfer to WebExpense. It also integrates well with a number of third-party products, including Quickbooks, SAP and Sage.

There are three Replicon products that relate to recording employee work-hours and attendance. These all provide information that can be used with the other Replicon products, avoiding duplicate data entry.

TimeAttend, at $9 per user / month, focuses on recording employees’ work-hours. It captures employees’ hours, including any overtime worked. Employees can make time-off requests, and TimeAttend can follow leave rules.

If you do not need a full attendance package you could choose TimeOff which simply focuses on leave and time-off requests. This costs $6 per user / month.

Replicon also offer CloudClock which enables employees to record their work-hours using a tablet. This includes photographic audit to discourage employees clocking in as their friends.

The attendance and leave applications integrate with many other HR and payroll systems.

The Replicon range is cloud-based. As well as a web-baser interface, there are apps available for both iOS and Android which allows for easy data entry wherever you are. These apps allow access to data related to projects, expenses, and employees. Supervisors and management can give instant approval for such things as expense requests or time off requests. Users can enter any relevant time-related data (hours worked or hours charged to particular projects for example).

Replicon has three levels of implementation support available, depending on a customers’ needs. Replicon Quick Start provides online resources and training - as well as dedicated contact with a configuration specialist. Replicon Guided includes a dedicated project manager who guides clients through the six-phases of implementation. Replicon Custom is designed for organizations with complex requirements that may include face-to-face interaction and multiple integrations.

If you are in the market for an application that involves tracking time, whether it be for billing, costing, or employee record-keeping, then you should be able to match together a combination of Replicon products to meet your needs.

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Control Project and Reimbursable Expenses with the Leading Expense Tracking Software

Replicon WebExpense centrally tracks business expenses per type, department, project or client for real-time visibility into company spending.


Easy-to-Use Expense Sheet, Expense Codes and Tax Formulas, Manage Project-Related Expenses, Multi-level Approval Paths, Real-time Reporting, Integration

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