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SpringAhead Virtual Time + Expense, as its name suggests, focuses on simplifying the entry, recording and reporting of a business’ time and expense information. It aims to reduce processing times, and the labor cost that goes with it, by as much as 90% compared to manual processing. It is SaaS-based, therefore, available from any browser.

It contains electronic timesheets, which can be customised to suit the needs of any particular. These timesheets work equally as well with contractors as they do with employees - anyone who charges the company for their time can record that time in the SpringAhead timesheet. Any recording errors are clearly flagged.

You can choose to record your time by the project if you choose, which means that it is easy to see how on-track you are towards project goals .

With time-related information entered into the system, it is simple to create invoices in SpringAhead. Once you have customized what you want on your invoices, they are easily generated, with most of the information pre-populated.

Another major focal point is expense tracking. The system enables a paperless system, as receipts can simply be uploaded or faxed to SpringAhead. They will automatically be added to an expense report.

Once documents are scanned in, they are kept securely at a Tier-4 level, to ensure that any government requirements are met, and are stored fro seven years. There is SmartVault integration, to assist with this security. SpringAhead’s data centers are rated as being SAS70 Type II certified.

All other expenses can be easily entered online. Relevant and recurring details are remembered for future similar expenses.

All expenses can be itemized appropriately, and expenses can be split in appropriate ways, to reflect the reality of transactions. Expenses can be split into projects if required.

The system incorporates an approval system to simplify the acceptance of expenses. You can easily set up approvals needed - both in terms of people and in terms of amounts.

Company policies can also be easily baked into the system. For instance, if the company reimburses travel at a certain rate, that can be automatically recorded. Likewise, any specific accounting requirements can be included.

In recognition that we live in a global world, SpringAhead copes easily with foreign currency conversion. Different currencies can be mix and matched in a single report.

If your business operates a credit card, these transactions can easily be imported from your US credit card provider’s files. Similarly, bank card transactions can be easily downloaded from your provider.

There are integrations with financial, payroll and recruiting packages. Programs that they work with include QuickBooks, Paychex, SurePayroll,, Bullhorn, Maxhire, Sendouts and Winsearch Recruiting Software.

The QuickBooks integration is particularly strong, with detailed project tracking features.

SpringAhead provides numerous reporting options, either within itself (where you can drill down virtually every category down to receipt level) or with its QuickBooks integration. It is also easy to download data into Excel.

SpringAhead has a clear web-based set-up system to incorporate it into a firm’s accounting system. It offers live phone support if there is any difficulty.

Overall, SpringAhead is an easy-to-use web-based way to keep track of your time and expense data, which is particularly valuable if you already use QuickBooks.

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Track Time and Expenses Your Way

Make your teams more productive and efficient by improving communication and information flow, with the easiest time tracking, billing and expense report solution.


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