Review of Vindicia CashBox

December, 2013

Rating: 5/5

In a phrase, Vindicia provide a quality, enterprise-grade solution for subscription billing. I recommend the service.

Vindicia clearly understand the needs of subscription billing… and it’s not just about taking payments. Their solution helps you to better understand your customers, so that you can increase customer adoption, customer retention, and revenue.

Vindicia CashBox is a platform for subscription billing, with CRM, marketing automation, and sales automation features. It allows you to attract and retain paying subscribers - by managing billing, pricing, business models and campaigns.

Before you choose Vindicia CashBox, here are the key things you need to know.

CashBox is a very flexible solution, which can be configured to meet virtually any subscription billing needs. You can customise how subscriptions are calculated and billed, including subscription packages, metering, micro-transactions, and tax rates. CashBox provides the functionality to test and optimise pricing, and use A/B-testing (split-testing), campaigns, and discounts. The platform provides for mobile payments through all major mobile platforms, and all major web browsers are supported.

One of Vindicia’s strengths is in analytics and reporting, with improving functionality beyond that offered by many other vendors. Vindicia gives you the analytics needed to benchmark your performance, and understand the business impact of changes, tests and campaigns.

I’m also impressed by features to help you increase customer retention. Vindicia CashBox does automated chargeback processing, which helps to recover lost revenue. It also automates communication with customers, timed to maximise re-subscription, and manages retention offers.

Vindicia have a significant market share in volume of payments (both in number and dollar value), and have processed over $6 billion in revenue to date. The platform’s scalability is tested and proven in practice, with infrastructure ready to scale well beyond current volumes.

As a prospective customer, I recommend that you discuss disaster recovery preparedness with Vindicia. We’ve been unable to get much information about disaster recovery planning. That said, I don’t rate the risk of downtime too highly. Vindicia’s historical track record has been very good - they have excellent availability (over 99.99%), high quality data centres and failover in place. Vindicia also offer refunds in case of downtime.

Vindicia CashBox should integrate nicely with your corporate applications. It has a clearly structured API, based on SOAP, which can be integrated with a wide range of technologies. This is well-documented.

I do recommend to ensure that you understand how your corporate data will be retained and used. Vindicia comply with the strict PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider standard, which includes how personally identifiable information is stored and controlled. While this information isn’t disclosed to any 3rd parties, Vindicia may have internal access to some of your data, and may use it to improve their product.

Vindicia CashBox is a global solution, but is primarily based in the US. It includes the type of features needed by global organisations - with support for multiple currencies, multiple languages, varied tax calculations and multiple different payment methods. They also provide 24x7 support for high-severity incidents. However, be aware that it as a US-based organisation, Vindicia’s data is housed in US-based data centers, most support staff work during the US business day.

Vindicia CashBox is an industry leader. The solution has a strong track record, with top tier customers like NFL, Yahoo, NASCAR, PayPal, Bloomberg, and Intuit. As an organisation they are well-engaged with customers and social media, active in the industry, and contribute to PCI and payment interest groups. Vindicia CashBox is an enterprise-grade solution I recommend for subscription billing

The Sales Pitch

Vindicia CashBox
The success of any digital business completely depends on how well they acquire and retain paying users. Vindicia CashBox was created from the premise that strategic billing is critical not just as an operational necessity for online commerce, but as a marketing asset that strengthens the fundamentals of profitability: customer acquisition and retention. CashBox is a SaaS billing solution with integrated marketing best practices to optimize customer retention, enhance acquisition rates and minimize operational overhead. With CashBox, businesses selling digital content and services can take control of their business with detailed analytics and best practices to grow revenue.


Global Transaction Support, Proprietary Advanced Payment Retry Logic, Campaign Management and Promotional Marketing, Scalability and Reliability, Billing Administration, Security and Compliance, Integrated Fraud Management, Dashboards, Reports and Analytics, Microtransaction Support, Automated Invoicing, Customer Support

120 million customer accounts

Blizzard, Intuit, Mind Candy, Next Issue Media, TransUnion Interactive, Wicked Interactive

Tech Information
Service Name
Vindicia CashBox
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Small (25-99 people)
PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE-16 , US-EU Safe Harbor Framework and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework,
Telephone, Online, Email
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