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SMART COMPANIES MAKE RECEIVABLES A PRIORITY We are passionate about helping you master your accounts receivable. The typical AR management story

Often the management of AR looks like this: Go into the accounting app and export an AR aging report to a spreadsheet, then open that spreadsheet and use it as the “AR tracker”, and then use email, phone, and mail to follow up on each open balance. As a company grows and the number of people involved in each transaction increases, so too the complexity of managing AR increases. Should you outsource (some or all) of your AR processes?

Most businesses would assert that managing and tracking accounts receivable is one of those necessary evils’something that must be done well, but usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Yet, it’s also a vital function and one that involes money and the relationships with your customers. So, is it possible to outsource all or part of it? Yes! Those reasons make it better to outsource.

Over the last decade, businesses have grown to realize that focusing on core strengths and delegating non-core ones to others for whom they are core is a natural and wise move. A healthcare company outsources IT. An accounting firm outsources HR. Each function is vital and involves mission critical assets, but in both cases, there are others on the outside that can do it better.

We are experts at managing, tracking, measuring’doing AR. Let us do what we do best for your company.


Syncs with popular invoicing apps, Enables global action timelines, Provides customizable messaging, Includes robust, in-application audit trails, Dedicated AR help each month, Initial consultant and AR best practices


Luminate, Tech Wildcatters, Vela/Keller PC

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