Review of Fancy Hands

April, 2013

Rating: 4/5

I recommend Fancy Hands - it’s a nice way to regularly delegate tasks and errands, so you can become more productive.

Fancy Hands provides assistants, based across the USA, to help you with small errands and tasks. You purchase a package with a certain number of monthly requests, and assign them using their mobile or web apps.

Before you choose Fancy Hands here are the key things you need to know.

First, Fancy Hands is designed for regularly delegating individual tasks. It fits as a good alternative to hiring a part-time personal assistant - it’s significantly cheaper, and more flexible (you don’t need to provide work every day)

Second, the assistants through Fancy Hands are USA-based. This is a little disappointing for us, as we’d prefer a more global service (most of our work happens outside the USA, and outside USA business hours). However, if you are based in North America, you may find this a strength.

Third, we really like the mobile app. It’s available for iPhone and Android is currently in beta (May, 2013).

Finally, we’re really impressed with the integration that Fancy Hands offers. Fancy Hands can make purchases on your behalf (e.g. you could ask an assistant to order a book for you, or some flowers for your wife), and charge them to you. It also integrates with task/project management software like Basecamp,, Asana, Trello and Evernote, as well as Google Calendar.

When should you use Fancy Hands?

I recommend using Fancy Hands if:

  • You don't have a personal assistant
  • You regularly have small requests that you need to delegate
  • You are a busy person - and need somebody to help with both business and personal errands
  • Clearing small jobs off your todo list - making reservations, calling around for information, scheduling meetings, etc.
When shouldn't you use Fancy Hands?

I recommend you look at alternatives to Fancy Hands if:

  • You have a large amount of work pre-planned (instead, look at hiring a part-time virtual assistant)
  • Your tasks to delegate are large or require technical skills
  • Your tasks require being on-site (e.g. collecting or posting items)
  • If most of your business/personal life is based outside of the USA

If you’re looking for ways to improve your productivity, and get more work done, I recommend you take a look at Fancy Hands. Some other options you may consider include local, on-site services (like TaskRabbit, AskForTask, Gigwalk) or worldwide marketplaces for part-time virtual assistants (like oDesk or

The Sales Pitch

Assistants for Everyone.

You have plenty to do.

You don’t have time to do it all. You don’t even want to do some of it. You should be spending your time focused on the most important things in your life. Instead, you’re stuck in the mud of scheduling appointments, holding on the phone, making reservations, and researching answers to your questions.


USA-based assistants, Mobile apps (iPhone, with Android app in Beta), Call in via telephone, Payments, Calendar integration, Basecamp integration, Purchases on your behalf, Discounts

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Number of Providers
Small - estimate: 1,000's of assistants
Reservations (cars, restaurants), Research, Small telephone-based errands, Weddings, Travel, Business errands