The Sales Pitch

Know the pulse of your company.

15Five is a tool that helps managers celebrate wins, remove roadblocks and discover great ideas in just minutes each week.

What You Can Expect

An Engaged Team
Increase loyalty by giving employees a voice. Sharing achievements, challenges, and ideas each week forges bonds and teamwork.

Increased Productivity
Keep team members and departments aligned with timely information and regular communication.

Time Saved
15Five lets managers quickly recognize an employee’s success and identify areas for support.

Lower Turnover
Boost morale and retention through open, regular, and easy communication.


Employees answer insightful questions, managers respond and support, you stay instantly informed, Turn conversation into action. Inform, engage, align. Loop in the right people. Enable cross-team coordination. Save for followup.


SalesLoft, HubSpot, Appster, Unbounce, Bench, ShoreTel, MailChimp, Warby Parker, JUSTFAB, Citrix

Tech Information
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Tiny (10-24 people)
Online Knowledgebase, Email
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San Francisco, CA