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Paymo is a simple to use online project management application that offers task management, time tracking, invoicing and a lot more. It is an integrated application for small business owners to help them manage their projects, staff and financials so they can spend less time on administrative work and more time on operations.

The application is accessible across any device and makes all information available in one central location. Keeping track of time, while managing a business can be a daily challenge. Whether you are a lone freelancer or a small organization with a team to keep track of. The Paymo project management application handles, not only time management, but a whole host of other business and PM functions so you and your team can focus on getting things done and growing your business.

Paymo is a privately held web-based application provider based in Romania which was founded in 2007. The company provides management solutions to more than 150,000 users across the globe.

Some of Paymo’s key features include:

Project Management and Dashboard Paymo makes managing projects easier with the help of templates, task lists and milestone alerts. Users don’t have to re-input information whenever they start a new task, they can easily breakdown the project into manageable tasks with multiple task lists.

Users can assign tasks to team members and set milestones which will automatically keep all members involved updated. There is also an customizable dashboard with 11 plugins for easy adaptability.

The dashboard provides important information, including how much work has been completed during a certain period, how much the company has earned and which bills are outstanding, all in an easy to view area.

Time Tracking, Invoicing and Financials Paymo is focused on time tracking, which it does in several different ways. There is a Web timer, a desktop timer and even an automatic time tracker. Users are also able to manually enter time.

When users click on the Timesheet from the dashboard, they can view the time recorded for a specific period of time. You also have the option of creating invoices using three different methods; by manual entry, converting an approved estimate or using timesheet data.

Also available are estimates and expense tracking functions, also, payments can be made through and PayPal.

Collaboration, Team Management, Mobile Apps and more Users can communicate in real-time and can share files, which they attach to any task or project discussion, eliminating the need for endless email chains.

Paymo makes setting up teams easy and clients can even be added with limited access and privileges.

Clicking on a member’s profile will provide information on the projects and tasks they are assigned, how they are spending their time and their performance. The platform works on all devices and has specific apps for iOS and Android and allows for customizations including visual changes and billing rates for individual customers.

Ease of use

Paymo is a powerful, yet easy-to-use web based time tracking and invoicing system that comes with a desktop component. The system is multilingual and ideal for globally distributed teams that need time tracking.

The system has a Windows tray app or Mac widget and works offline if you install Google Gears, allowing you to quickly add or edit time manually or use the stopwatch to track your time.

You can add tasks directly from the time tracker. Reports can be customized using various conditions, include or exclude non billable tasks, generate detailed reports for internal use or send them to your clients along with an invoice.

Other options include a weekly graphical overview of employee timesheets, detailed daily timesheets, multi currency support, view invoices while you create them or print them directly from the browser.

The number of options the system offers is very impressive and all of this is provided with a very simple user interface.

Customer Service

Paymo’s customer service seems comparable and I haven’t really found any major problems with it.

Add-Ons and Integration

Paymo does offer integration with several business management apps to provide seamless time tracking across several applications. Some of the more popular systems that Paymo integrates with include:

Basecamp Basecamp is the leading web-based project management and collaboration tool containing to-dos, files, messages, schedules and milestones.

QuickBooks With QuickBooks you don’t need previous accounting knowledge, managing your company’s accounting needs is as simple as filling in familiar checks, invoices and forms on screen.

FreeAgent FreeAgent is a very popular accounting software for small businesses and freelancers which claims to be recommended by 99.5% of their users.

KashFlow KashFlow specialises in online accounting software for small businesses with an emphasis on ease of use, automation and integration.

Problems and Complaints

Paymo is a powerful time management system and an excellent tool, however, it isn’t without its flaws. One of the problems I had with the app concerns the Timer. When you click on ‘Timer’ in the menu, you get a pop-up window with a new timer.

This is great unless you step away from the computer to do something and push the ‘Timer’ button when you come back to find out where you left off. When this happens, you will get a new window with a fresh timer and lose the recorded time from your last timer so you have to manually re-enter the time you already logged.

Another issue I have with Paymo is more of a “personal issue” than a real problem or complaint with the overall system. I think the layout and design of the dashboard could be updated a little. I just think the look and feel seems a little “dated” to me, but that is just my opinion and has nothing to do with the inner workings of the system, which seem to be great.

In Conclusion

Even if it isn’t the flashiest app around, Paymo does what it is made to do and it does it efficiently and effectively. For small businesses or freelancers who need to account for every second they invest in a project Paymo can be a very powerful tool in its simplicity. Add in the add-ons and you have a full suite of project and business management software that can get the job done and track the time it takes to do it.

The Sales Pitch

At first, Paymo was simply an internal project, to allow our designers and coders to be more productive by easily monitoring their time. However, we soon realized that this application would be useful to other business owners and freelancers, and Paymo quickly grew into one of the leading free time tracking apps available online. As more and more clients began using Paymo, we began to further develop the system into a powerful set of online tools for companies ranging from small businesses all the way up to enterprise size, while still keeping the basic service free.


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