Review of Base CRM

January, 2015

Rating: 4/5

Base is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) solution which enables sales managers to not only manage customers, but to effectively manage their sales teams. It is a tool created for sales by those who know sales.

Base CRM has great potential, climbing higher with these main two features: powerful sales analytics and phone call tracking.

Sales Analytics

These analytics are quite powerful; they are created in real-time, providing professional level graphs from the dashboard. Showing the sales team’s successes and forecasting the future based on previous data, Base is stunningly helpful to the sales manager.

Call Tracking

Base’s call tracking feature goes far beyond a simple call log; it records conversations, saving it to the client’s contact card.


The features which Base CRM provides are impressive for a small business.

Contact Management

Base stores all the pertinent information for every customer:

  • Call logs
  • Call recordings
  • Emails
  • Important documents

Sales Pipeline

The intuitive sales pipeline has customizable stages, including drag-and-drop functions.

Mobile Access

Base has dedicated native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Sales Analytics

The powerful sales analytics focus on the sales team, rather than the client. It can track every details of a salesperson’s day.


This CRM has centralized communication, salespeople can contact customers directly through Base by phone, email, or notes.

Prebuilt Integrations

Base offers support for this software:

  • Google: Apps, contacts, and calendar features
  • Facebook: Social connectivity
  • Dropbox: Cloud-based sharable storage
  • Xero: Accounting software
  • MailChimp: Drag-and-drop HTML coding for email
  • Harvest: Time tracking and invoicing
  • Yesware: Track and analyze email communication
  • Zapier: Automates web applications
  • MS Outlook: Microsoft’s email and calendar tools
  • Quoteroller: Proposal creator

Final Words

Base CRM is full of great potential. What they do right, they do really right. They go beyond managing customer relationship and focus on the sales team as a filter to view the customer contact through.

Sales managers with a full sales team, large stacks of paperwork on their desks, with only guesstimates of hard data floating in their heads could use Base CRM to give them real organized and analyzed data.

The Sales Pitch

The Sales and CRM application your team will actually use. Whether you’re part of an inside sales team, field sales team or a small business, Base will make your team happy and productive.


Sales forecasting, advanced sales insights, task automation, sales goals, make and receive calls, call recording and logging, advanced call analytics.


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