Review of myERP

February, 2015

Rating: 3.5/5

myERP is designed specifically for small business owners who want to spend more time growing their business and less time managing it. It combines all of the key functions required to manage your business into one easy to use application.

myERP is one of the most popular applications for Google Apps, used by thousands of small businesses all over the world.

Some of myERP’s key features include:

Accounting Tools The included accounting tools give you complete control over your company’s accounting needs including manage ledgers, cash flow, payables and receivables and assets. All these tools are integrated with your business processes.

Business Intelligence Tools myERP allows you to leverage company data to make better-informed business decisions. In-depth reports let you monitor the health of any stage of your company’s operations, including financials, production, sales, etc.

Human Resources Tools Human resource tools give you complete control over administrative employee functions such as recruiting, benefits and more. Using integrated data and a centralized repository for employee data will streamline your HR process.

Inventory Management Tools myERP gives you oversight over product counts, material stocks and company assets, including their locations, movements, transactions and much more. You can quickly realize an increase in ROI by reducing or eliminating idle inventory and shortages.

Maintenance Tools You can manage the depreciation, upkeep, replacement and financing of fixed company assets. These items are vital if your firm has a lot of property, plant and equipment (PP&E) on its balance sheet.

Manufacturing Tools Manufacturing tools give you complete control over your manufacturing processes, including bills of materials (BOM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), scheduling of machines and labor and more.

Project Management Tools myERP allows you to plan and oversee company projects from conception through completion. You have the ability to allocate labor, minimize costs and overcome problems to get projects finished as efficiently as possible.

Ease of use

With myERP there isn’t a need for a separate tool for managing your finances and reporting. Real Time reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet help you stay on top of your money.

You can collaborate and be more productive by tracking tasks and time sheets for your employees and contractors. Use that information to then bill your clients’ projects with their 1-click “Bill Time” feature.

myERP keeps your products in stock by generating POs from Sales Orders. There is also back-ordering and drop shipping support.

Customer Service

myERP offers several ways to communicate with customer service, and the response time has been pretty impressive. We were able to receive an answer to our questions quickly and in a manner that was easy to understand and provided simple guidance to a solution.

Add-Ons and Integration

myERP is fully integrated with Google Apps, Gmail and Google Calendar.

Problems and Complaints

There really weren’t any problems or complaints with myERP as long as you don’t expect more than the app was originally designed for. For example, myERP is specifically for very small businesses with fairly simple workflows. This isn’t to say that it isn’t a capable application, it only means that you need to keep in mind if you are large company myERP will most likely not be able to fulfill your needs.

However, if your company does fit these basic metrics, myERP is definitely worth looking into and trying it out to see if it will work for your needs. You just may be surprised at how well it will work for your organization, myERP does pack a lot of punch under the hood.

In Conclusion

As I stated, myERP is definitely a powerful app if you have a small business and a relatively basic workflow. True, it will leave a large company wanting, but it wasn’t developed for larger companies and has never claimed to be.

If you are looking for some serious applications to streamline several areas in your small business from accounting to crm, then I suggest you at least give myERP a try.

The Sales Pitch is the #1 Cloud ERP - trusted by over 20,000 small businesses from over 100 countries. Try now. It’s Fast, Easy and Free! combines in one easy to use application all the key functions to manage your business: Accounting, CRM, Inventory Management, Sales, Purchasing, etc… is designed specifically for small business owners who want to spend more time growing their business and less time managing it. There is no costly software to buy or install, or complicated user manuals to study. is also fully integrated with Google Apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts…) and takes less than 5-minutes to set up and start using.

Last but not least, is FREE, for up to 2 users. After that, it just costs $29/month per additional user.

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