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Inspector Jones Review of CrashPlan

December, 2013

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Vendor’s Description

Back up your business
We offer two business backup solutions: CrashPlan PRO (protects up to 200 computers) and CrashPlan PROe for the enterprise. Based on the award-winning, easy-to-use onsite, offsite, online backup solution for home, both solutions offer the backup management features that businesses need, with an easy-to-use interface that our home backup customers love, and enterprise toughness that global technology leaders demand. They provide continuous online backup protection, along with backup archive verification, plus alerting and reporting features to keep you in the know about the status of your backup. Users will appreciate that CrashPlan PRO automatically backs up (as often as every minute) without slowing down their laptop or desktop computers and that they can restore their own files. Administrators will appreciate the online management dashboard that makes it easy to manage backup settings for all the computers in your company.

In addition, CrashPlan PROe offers LDAP support, a REST API and access to PRO Services staff. Our flexible data backup destinations make it easy to leverage your existing infrastructure for private data backup to your private cloud in your data center, using our feature-rich managed appliances or your hardware. Our enterprise customers rely on CrashPlan PROe as the cornerstone of their disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives. In CrashPlan PRO for Business we scaled back the complexity that smaller business don’t need, with the flexibility to handle back up for just a few computers to as many as 200 computers.


Data Backup, Data Recovery, Data Security

Major Customers

Google, Adobe, Cisco, Genentech, Mozilla Firefox, shutterfly, Netflix, hp, ancestry.com, Linkedin, salesforce, accenture, citrix, ICANN, Groupon, GILT GROUPE, Pandora, zynga, evernote, National Geographic, Sandisk, Nasa, Bank of America, Harvard University, John Hopkins University

Technical Specifications

Service Name


Parent Company

Code 42 Software

No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)

Medium (100-499 people)


US-EU Safe Harbor, TRUSTe, EU Safe Harbor


Telephone, Online, Email, Community, 12×5

Mobile Devices

Yes, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App

Head Office


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