Review of Lionbridge

April, 2013

Rating: 5/5

In a phrase, Lionbridge is a solid, enterprise-grade crowdsourcing solution. I recommend it for medium or large organisations looking for a low-risk entry to the crowdsourcing market.

Lionbridge provides crowdsourced labour from over 100,000 people across the world. It includes a fully managed service, with project management, security and quality assurance.

Before you choose Lionbridge, here are the key things you need to know.

First, Lionbridge is smaller than the mainstream crowdsourcing providers because they target the enterprise end of the market. While they don’t carry the same volume of people, they do have more enterprise-grade features to maintain a higher quality.

Second, you may find Lionbridge a lower risk option than most crowdsourcing providers. They have a 1-day termination clause (as opposed to other platforms, where no notice is required). Job postings can be private - visible only to prescreened candidates.

Third, the Lionbridge enterprise crowdsourcing service is fully managed. Lionbridge offer project management, quality control, audit, and service-levels to meet enterprise demands. They also perform more detailed screening of candidates than most crowd providers.

Finally, Lionbridge has got traction at the upper-end of the market - with customers like Google, Expedia, Nokia, Microsoft, and various US government departments. This is because it offers a great alternative to offshoring, Business Process Outsourcing and contingent labour - all at reduced costs, and increased flexibility.

If you would prefer to manage a team directly (rather than using an organisation like Lionbridge to manage the outsourcing work), there are many other options. However, be aware that they will require significant effort involved to maintain quality. This is one of the real strengths of fully-managed crowdsourcing.

I recommend Lionbridge for larger organisations wanting to use crowdsourcing. If you are considering Lionbridge, also have a look at oDesk Enterprise and Samasource for good enterprise options.

What should you use Lionbridge for?

I recommend Lionbridge as a solution for:

  • Crowdsourcing tasks that require more skilled workers - particluarly those that require English language fluency (Lionbridge is a particularly strong option here, compared to other crowdsourced solutions)
  • Low-skill tasks - like data entry, transcription, tagging/classification
  • Specialised tasks that you can define very clearly - with prescribed steps and outputs
What shouldn't you use Lionbridge for?

I recommend you avoid using Lionbridge for:

  • Traditional 9-5 jobs - Lionbridge is far better suited to clear tasks and deliverables, rather than an ongoing job appointment
  • Tasks with special confidentiality or data security requirements - crowdsourcing is not a good option for this
  • Tasks that need instant turnaround - Lionbridge operate on a longer-term partnership. Instead look at other crowd providers that let you post jobs instantly, and select candidates within an hour.
The Sales Pitch

Tap into the power of the crowd, dynamically matching crowdsourcing work to crowd workers for an incredibly efficient, flexible and massively scalable staffing model that is changing the way work gets done.

Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing is delivering the next generation of outsourcing to businesses everywhere - helping to increase productivity, reap the benefits of an elastic workforce, and reduce costs ‘ all through a flexible, cloud-based workforce model.

Using our secure, cloud-based task management platform and an educated and pre-qualified crowd of more than 100,000 professionals, we deliver quality results for any business project, and clients only pay for tasks that are completed.

And the best part? We make it simple by offering fully managed crowdsourcing solutions, with all the project management, risk mitigation, security, quality assurance and SLAs that enterprises require.


Output-based payment, Variable expense (no retainers or fixed charges), Managed crowd


Google, Expedia, Nokia, Microsoft, Louisiana Department of Revenue, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Medium - exact amount not specified. Over 100,000,000 tasks completed in the past 12 months
Number of Providers
Large - Over 100,000
Data Management, Translation, Testing, Core Business Tasks, Search Relevance, Data Capture, Big Data, Categorisation/Tagging