Review of Samasource

April, 2013

Rating: 5/5

I recommend Samasource for enterprise customers. Many companies find the concept of crowdsourcing interesting, but have concerns about quality, management effort and expertise - Samasource resolves many of these.

Samasource provides a fully-managed crowdsourcing solution, used by a number of large enterprise clients. They specialise in “microwork” - breaking work down into small tasks, which can be completed by an individual, as part of a larger project. This is all managed by their team in San Francisco - to minimise your effort, and maximise quality.

Samasource focuses on providing work to women and youth living in poverty. These workers are from countries like India, Kenya, Haiti and Uganda.

What sort of work should you use Samasource for?

Samasource is a great option for:

  • Online Research and data mining (from websites, PDF, images, etc.)
  • Data categorisation and tagging
  • Audio, video, or image transcription

Samasource also provide services to write articles, reviews and other content, and help manage your social media or customer service desk. Typically, these are more advanced tasks, and I recommend you trial the service before moving up to these.

What shouldn't you use Samasource for?

Samasource is not a great option if:

  • You have particular confidentiality or security requirements
  • You need the lowest price. However, be aware that lowest price is not necessarily best value - Samasource adds overheads, which increase their quality and accuracy
  • You need to manage your workers directly - instead, Samasource will manage the workers on your behalf

I recommend Samasource as an enterprise alternative to crowdsourcing. Samasource provide a partnership - with stronger management of crowdsourced services, and a hands-on approach. It may also assist with your Corporate Social Responsibility, providing work to women and youth living in poverty.

If you are considering Samasource, I recommend you start with a serious project that can be split into many small, low-risk tasks - like online research, data cleansing, or audio transcription.

The Sales Pitch

Samasource delivers enterprise digital services through a unique Microwork model that harnesses the untapped potential of the world’s poor.

“Sama” means equal. Samasource connects poor women and youth to training and employment in the digital economy. As a premier provider of digital services, we deliver a steady flow of work to people around the world.


Fully Managed Workforce, API Integration, 95% accuracy, Specialised training, Professional services team, Workforce consistency, Machine and Human Quality Assurance


Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, ebay, Intuit, AOL, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Getty Images, Harvard University, Panasonic, Google, Stanford University, Walmart, TripAdvisor, Xbox

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Medium - $3,000,000+
Number of Providers
Medium - 3,500+
Content Writing, Content Reviews, Operational Support (tagging, categorisation), Social Media Posting, Data Research, Data mining, Image tagging, Data set creation, Data set enrichment (tagging, updating), Competitive Intelligence, Audio/Video Transcripti