Review of Kenexa

March, 2013

Rating: 5/5

Kenexa is a strong solution for recruitment, which branches out into more comprehensive services than most recruitment vendors. We’ve rated Kenexa as one of the industry leaders.

Kenexa 2x BrassRing is a recruitment-oriented solution that includes Recruitment, Assessment, Compensation, Onboarding, Learning, Performance Management, Leadership, Employee Surveys, and Social features.

Before you choose Kenexa, here are the key things you need to know.

First, Kenexa do suit a modern way of working - collaborative, social and able to work on-the-go. We’re pleased that Kenexa offer mobile solutions and social functionality. Many of the older recruitment solutions don’t provide this functionality. However, make sure you review the mobile and social features, and make sure they’ll work with your specific technologies and needs - at the moment, Kenexa support iPhone and BlackBerry.

Second, security is good, and I’m satisfied that the level of security is appropriate for a top recruitment solution. In the future, we would like to see independent security certification to industry security standards, like ISO 27001.

Third, where Kenexa really shines is its broader view than most recruitment vendors. The basic functionality is solid, but make sure you have a look at Kenexa’s broader services for branding, outsourcing, surveys, and learning management.

If you’re looking at making recruitment more strategic in your organisation, I recommend Kenexa. They’re a strong, progressive vendor with a good strategic view of recruitment.

The Sales Pitch

Kenexa is in the business of improving companies and enriching lives because to us, business is personal. With every person we recruit, every assessment we administer, every technology solution we deliver, every survey we conduct, every leader we develop and every compensation strategy we support, lives are impacted by our craft. Very few companies, if any, can claim this’and we’re proud of that.

We deliver solutions across the entire employee lifecycle that are backed by behavioral science insight and the unique combination of content, technology and services’a statement only we can make. We’re experts in every stage of the employee journey. Where other companies focus on just one piece, we bring them all together to create the best picture for each company’s success.


Recruitment, Assessment, Compensation, Onboarding, Learning, Performance Management, Leadership, Employee Surveys, Social


More than half of the Fortune 500. Eli Lilly, Boeing, Disney, PepsiCo

Tech Information
Service Name
Kenexa ( BrassRing 2X or Brass Ring)
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Large (500+ people)
Cybertrust Perimeter Certification, TRUSTe, EU Safe Harbor
Major Outages
None reported
Launch Date
Not Disclosed
Telephone, Online, Email
Mobile Devices
Yes, iPhone App, BlackBerry App
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