Review of SumTotal elixHR

February, 2015

Rating: 5/5

SumTotal elixHR provides a virtual system of record that integrates data and records relating to a firm’s employees from a variety of sources into a single platform. It uses master data management to consolidate all of the information into a single record. Employers can use the data provided to ensure employees best perform their jobs.

Although SumTotal elixHR is a module in a range of HR products produced for enterprises by SumTotal, it can also be looked at as being a “glue” that sticks together all the HR information from a wide variety of HR related products, from many different vendors. It creates virtual employee records, regardless of whether a firm uses any other SumTotal products.

The somewhat unusual name stands for “extending and linking HR information and processes”, which is actually a good description of what the product actually does. It is totally focused on Enterprise customers, although SumTotal does offer a range of other products for small to medium sized businesses.

If an enterprise wants to transfer their entire HRMS to SumTotal, that is possible, with the other modules being Talent, Learn and Work.

SumTotal Talent focuses on performance, goal-setting, recruiting and other areas of the business that maximize employees’ capabilities.

SumTotal Learn is the education module which provides all relevant employee training, including certification and compliance requirements. Employees can learn using smartphones and tablets.

SumTotal Work provides all of the workforce administration needs, including accounting for workforce expenses and payroll.

If a firm chooses to operate any of the above three modules, they will also receive Sumtotal elixHR.

Probably the big difference with this product line, though, is that SumTotal elixHR integrates just as easily with nearly every other competing HRMS, and indeed can work easily with multiple different HRMSs.

As a result of this, enterprises are able to build up a comprehensive view of a firm’s talent (SumTotal’s preferred nomenclature for their employees) even if they are still using a multitude of legacy systems.

As well as creating a virtual system of record for each employee, SumTotal elixHR provides a variety of dashboards and reports for workplace analytics and planning. It also focuses on data modelling and security.

SumTotal has been in the process of both creating new features in-house, as well as purchasing products by consolidation. With the sole exception of its Payroll system (which is part of the Work module) everything is now built on Microsoft’s .net architecture, ensuring that there is a single master data management core. This has made it easier for them to tailor products to meet individual customers’ needs.

SumTotal Connect is an online support portal, that they provide to give assistance to SumTotal’s customers, where they can log technical support requests. There is also telephone support available as well as a number of self-help options.

Overall, SumTotal ElixHR is a useful tool, particularly for firms that have implemented a number of HR solutions over the years, and do not want to have to consolidate everything into one new system, all at the same time.

The Sales Pitch

The Most Comprehensive, Enterprise-class HR Solution Available Today Not only do we offer the most complete set of solutions, because of our learning roots, we have embedded real-time development across our talent and workforce management applications so you get triple the impact across your business.

A Consistent Intuitive User Experience Across Platforms Whether you’re on your desktop in the office or your mobile device on the go, our solutions operate like a single application.

Easily Integrates with Systems You Already Have You can even integrate with popular cloud applications - such as and LinkedIn.

Easy Access To Analytics Everyone is talking about big data, but most solutions offer little more than transactional reporting. Not us - we build analytics right in.

Solutions That Fit You Whether you’re a large global employer in a compliance-heavy industry or just starting out with HR and learning technology to grow your business, you can get a solution that fits your unique needs. While other vendors try to get you to fit the solution they want to sell you, we provide you with the solution you need.

You Choose - Saas, Hosted or On-Premise Our customers have good reasons to need choice and flexibility in deployment options so we help you decide what is right for you. Whether you need it all in the cloud, a hybrid approach or a longer-term strategy for moving to SaaS over time, we partner with you to get you where you want to be.


Talent (Performance, Goals, 360 Feedback, Compensation, Succession, Recruiting) Learn (Enterprise & Extended Enterprise, Mobile Learning, Regulatory Compliance, Social Collaboration, Content Management, Content Versioning, Courseware, ToolBook) Work (Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Absence and Leave, Data Collection Devices, Expense Management, Receipts Management, Mobile Expense, Payroll and Benefits) elixHR Platform (Virtual System of Record, Workforce Analytics and Planning, Portal and Portlets, Social and Mobile, Competency and Job Model Frameworks, Employee Directory and Org Charting, Global View of Talent and Employee Profile, Development Planning)

1,200 (estimated)

15,000,000 cloud users, 50% of Fortune 500. Amway, Ariba, AstraZeneca, Baxter, Citrix, Dtac, Foxtel, Howden, Jobfind, JP Morgan, KPMG, Lion, Merck, Mitre, Nasco, University of Notre Dame, Pfizer, PSI, Seagate, Tenaris, Westfield (may be on-premise or cloud)

Tech Information
Service Name
SumTotal elixHR
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No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Large (500+ people)
SAS 70 Type II, EU Safe Harbor
Major Outages
None reported
Telephone, Online, Email, 12x5
Mobile Devices
Yes, iPad App
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