The Best Crowdsource Design buyers guide by Inspector Jones

We reviewed a world of options for getting design work done – logos, websites, clothing, art, advertising, packaging, and more. Find out the best ways to crowdsource design or find freelance designers.

The Best Crowdsourced Design (Design Contests)


Our independent review for crowdsource design selected 99designs as the best option, because of its enormous membership of designers (over 200,000 people), and industry-leading track record (over $50,000,000 of design work completed). 99designs is far ahead of the competition when it comes to getting a large number of designs completed in a short space of time.

However, if you would prefer to engage a freelance designer, 1-on-1, have a look at:

The Best Design Freelancers


Our independent review for design freelancers selected Elance as the best option, because of its strong community of designers and great platform. Elance provides full escrow to protect you and the designer, great collaborative tools, and a way to find a great designer for the job.

The Best Design Freelancers Runner-up


Our independent review for design freelancers selected Dribbble as the runner up, because of its great community of designers and strong engagement. Dribbble is perhaps the best place in the world to find the perfect designer for your task, and get in contact with them. However, it just doesn’t have the same legal protection, workspace and tools as Elance - you’ll need to arrange that for yourself.

Crowdsourced Design Contests Shortlist

If you’re not quite sure what you want in a design, and you want dozens or even hundreds of different options in a very short timeframe, then running a design contest is for you. This shortlist is the best-of-the-best - marketplaces with 100,000+ designers, and having completed millions of dollars worth of design business.

Hire Freelance Designers Shortlist

We’ve reviewed the dozens of different solutions for hiring freelance designers. This shortlist is the best-of-the-best - markets of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of designers, each fitting a niche. If you need design work done - you’ll find a designer here.

The Cheapest Design

If you’re on a rock-bottom prices budget, and you need to find the cheapest design possible… the best place to find it is Fiverr. You’ll find plenty of designers who are happy to design logos, websites and more for just $5. Don’t expect the quality, variety and thought that goes into a more serious logo - but at $5, it’s the price of a mug of coffee.

All Crowdsource Design

We’ve reviewed the following crowdsourced design sites. While only some of them made the Inspector Jones shortlist, these are still great options.