Review of Fiverr

April, 2013

Rating: 4/5

Fiverr is an incredible marketplace of services, which cost $5. I recommend it to individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who want absolute rock bottom prices.

For $5, fiverr provides an enormous array of different services:

  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Web design and development
  • Video and animation
  • Online marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Voiceovers
  • Jingles and songwriting
  • Presentations, business plans, ... the list goes on
Does fiverr have a place in business?


First, fiverr isn’t in direct competition to professional services, and enterprise-grade freelancers. Don’t expect that for $5 you’ll receive the same volume or quality of work - whether design, development, copywriting, or advertising - that you’d receive for $1000’s elsewhere.

However, sometimes you just need a service done… but organisational red-tape and hassles mean that you can’t get the budget approved. For the cost of a mug of coffee, fiverr provides a way that any manager can reach into their own pocket, and get a webpage built, a logo designed, or a speech written. This is where fiverr comes into its own.

Here are examples of business services which are well suited to fiverr:

  • Small translation tasks
  • Logos for internal business units
  • Transcribe video to text
  • Voiceover for corporate videos
  • Small one-off tasks
What shouldn't you use fiverr for?

You will find varying levels of quality on fiverr - while some sellers are professional, others are decidedly amateur. You might be hesitant to use fiverr for work that can impact your business brand or reputation. If you have high standards for quality, and are willing to pay more, then you might want to look at other marketplaces for services.

The Sales Pitch

The world’s largest marketplace for small services, starting at $5 Buy. Sell. Have fun.


Small services that cost $5, Expanded services, Express delivery, Seller Levels (based on seniority, sales, ratings)


Fiverr is targeted towards individuals, entrepreneurs, and tiny businesses

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Medium - exact amount not specified
Number of Providers
Medium - 100,000's
Graphics/Design, Gifts, Video and Animation, Online Marketing, Writing and Translation, Advertising, Business Services, Programming and Technology, Music, Audio, Pranks
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