Review of DesignCrowd

April, 2013

Rating: 4/5

In a word, DesignCrowd is great. It’s a great way to get a small design project off-the-ground very quickly, attracting a large number of different designs.

DesignCrowd is a marketplace connecting designers with people who need design work done. It includes corporate identity design (like business cards, logos, or powerpoint templates), web design, and virtually any other type of print or graphic design you can think of - advertising, packaging, t-shirts, flyers, signs, or more.

Before you choose DesignCrowd, here are the key things you need to know.

First, understand how design competitions work. You submit a brief that describes your project, explaining what you want in a design. Designers from around the world will then submit various different designs (typically over 100), and you choose the best, work with designers to refine the designs… and then select a winner!

Second, you will get a mix of quality - designs that meet your quality expectations, and designs that don’t. Because many different designers submit their designs, it will take your time and effort (probably more than you expect) to sort through them and provide feedback.

Third, be careful of budget. With DesignCrowd you can set your own budget - larger to attract more designers, smaller to get better value. In my experience, middle-of-the-range budgets are best. A small budget won’t attract the best designers, and a large budget will do nothing to increase quality (you’ll only get a huge number of average-quality entries).

I highly recommend DesignCrowd or one of its major competitors - 99designs or crowdspring - for getting quick, good and varied designs to choose from. If you don’t have time to review 100+ designs, or if you are looking for the highest-quality design, I recommend you engage a freelance designer directly (which you can also do through DesignCrowd).

The Sales Pitch

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.

DesignCrowd gives you access to a ‘virtual team’ of 120,561 designers from around the world (via a process called crowdsourcing) - helping you to tap into the very best international design talent available, at a low cost. Post a project on DesignCrowd and watch designs pour in from around the world (the average project receives 50+ designs).

We pride ourselves on quality (not just quantity) - DesignCrowd uses “Crowdsourcing 2.0” a fairer, sustainable, higher quality crowdsourcing where every designer can get paid and customers can browse our top graphic designers and hand-pick their favourites.


Worldwide, Design contests or 1-on-1 designs, 100% money back guarantee, Discreet - private projects and white-label accounts, 1-, 5-, 10- or 15-day deadlines

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Medium - $8,000,000+
Number of Providers
Medium - 120,000+
Logos, Web design, T-shirt design, Flyer designs, Brochure designs, Business cards, and many more