Review of crowdSPRING

April, 2013

Rating: 4/5

crowdSPRING is the 3rd largest marketplace for crowdsourcing design. However, before you jump to their major competitors (99designs and DesignCrowd, by the way), crowdSPRING offers some great benefits.

First, crowdSPRING provide a really strong naming service. You can use their 100,000+ members’ creative juice to help you choose a company name or tagline (even one with an available .COM domain name). This is something rather unique, and a great option if you’re stuck finding a good name.

Second, crowdSPRING have very high user satisfaction. Because the community is smaller than other crowdsourcing sites, you might find that crowdSPRING are a little more hands-on - and they also offer free consultations.

Third, make sure you understand how design competitions work. You submit a brief that describes your project, explaining what you want in a design. Designers from around the world will then submit various different designs (typically over 100), and you choose the best, work with designers to refine the designs… and then select a winner!

Fourth, you will get a mixture of both good and poor quality entries. This will take time to sort through - because you can’t choose the quality of entrants, only the winners. It will take your time and effort (probably more than you expect) to sort through them and provide feedback.

I recommend using crowdSPRING or one of their two major competitors for entrepreneurs or small/medium businesses who need some design work completed. On the other hand, if you may be overwhelmed by a large number of entries to review, or if you only want to see high-quality work, I recommend you engage a freelance designer directly (which you can also do through crowdSPRING).

The Sales Pitch


We guarantee you’ll be happy. If you’re not completely happy with your design or writing project, or if your naming project doesn’t receive at least 100 entries, we’ll promptly refund all of your money. Promise.

It’s effective, easy and affordable. Name your price, work with dozens of talented creatives and choose from an average of 110+ custom designs. With our 100% money back guarantee, free customized legal contracts and world class customer service, crowdSPRING offers a proven, fast and risk-free way to buy custom design and writing services.


Money back guarantee, 110+ entries per typical project


Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, LG, Philips, Barilla, Tivo

Tech Information
Launch Date
Total Payments
Medium - $8,000,000 (estimated)
Number of Providers
Medium - 130,000+
Logo design, Web design, Other design, Naming, Print, and more