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Apptivo is a cloud based suite of 50+ integrated small business Apps. Each app is designed to solve a unique problem for small business, but all applications are 100% integrated to form a seamless solution for every business process.

Small businesses today feel the pain of working with many point solutions to run their business, and Apptivo is the answer to their problems. Find the apps that will be the answer to your problems below. All these apps can be accessed from a single dashboard for your convenience.


Create or upload customers, Leads for a customer, Opportunities for a customer, Customers configuration, Customer numbering options, Customer actions, Activities associated with a customer, Add notes for a customer, Documents, Role based access control, Customer data sharing, Actions on multiple selected customers, Custom attributes supported, Notifications for a customer related to, Context sensitive help, Create or upload contacts, Leads for a contact, Opportunities for a contact, Contacts configuration, Role based access control, Contact data sharing


Florida Automobile Dealers Association, GreatSouthwest LLC, ITCRETE, Tangerine Cleaning, Ve do consultancy for SME’s, TruNorth Global, BigTrain, Dynacel Technologies, Jacada Photography, Ryans Precision, GARAGEgenius, Design Your You, PMC Web Designs

Tech Information
Service Name
Apptivo CRM
Parent Company
Apptivo, Inc.
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Small (25-99 people)
Telephone, Online, Email, Community
Mobile Devices
Head Office
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