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January, 2015

Contactually is a refreshing CRM solution. Unlike several other CRM choices, which assume you have some prior knowledge of using web-hosted dashboards, Contactually guides you through all of its capabilities, with a fun, upbeat attitude.

Contactually’s proactivity is what separates it from the many other CRMs. During the comprehensive set-up, you are asked questions, so the software can be automatically configured to your business profile.

This customization is also implemented in the software’s daily use. Using algorithms to analyze your communication patterns, it suggests intelligent daily tasks that will keep you ahead of the game.

Some of Contactually’s key features include:

  • Completely customizable contacts: Each contact card can be customized with its own rules for communication, contact frequency, inclusion in customizable programs, ownership settings for your team and tags for quicker filtering.
  • Resource library: You can save relevant articles and other web content to your Contactually dashboard, and recall it quickly in emails, for keeping your contacts well informed.
  • Email templates and merge fields: Send up to 250 contacts a personalized email at the same time.
  • Programs: Create group tasks or user-created tasks, which can be automatically executed on a pre-programmed schedule.
  • Buckets: A better way to organize your contacts into groups. They can then be shared among team members, or given specific programs and resources.

Ease of use

Contactually offers you several different ways to do anything you need to do, which makes it very easy to get done what you need to. Since it gives you access to all of your social networking platforms, Contactually lets you follow up with all of your contacts by any of these methods, and you can do all of this right from you Contactually dashboard.

The mobile app for the iPhone is simple, fast and seems indestructible. An iPad is able to access the dashboard through a web browser that was almost identical to a full desktop computer.

Customer Service

The Contactually Customer Support is pretty impressive. You can email their support team a question, and literally receive a detailed and helpful answer within a very short amount of time. Some of the ways you can contact Customer Support include:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Support Center
  • Webinar Training Videos
  • Web Ticket (online email portal)

Add-Ons and Integration

Contactually offers a whole host of add-ons and integration options, including:

  • Evernote: A suite of apps that let you find, organize and share information.
  • Xobni: A data analyzer for Outlook’s inbox.
  • AWeber: Email newsletters and automated follow-ups.
  • ActiveCampaign: Email newsletter and campaigns.
  • eBay: Online auctioning.

Problems and Complaints

Most of the complaints with Contactually have to do with the software being “buggy”. This isn’t only with the mobile app, but with several of the components. The complaints include inaccurate error messages, problems syncing from certain social channels and automated tasks within the software itself. Contactually has incredible potential, but a lot of bugs that need to be handled.

In Conclusion

Contactually has so much potential and so much already going for it that its flaws and bugs may be able to be overlooked. The software is still very new, so you expect some bugs here and there. The real test will be, how the company handles these problems in the future.

Contactually works well for any small business that requires simple networking. Even though Contactually doesn’t have come pre-equipped with complex sales analytics or advanced marketing features, it does offer add-ons that will add these functions, for a system that will grow with your needs.

The Sales Pitch

Maximize your network ROI. More referrals. More repeat business.

Contactually helps businesses follow up with the right people, at the right time, to maximize relationship ROI.


Monitor your individual and team’s progress when it comes to contact management. See how many contacts each colleague is sharing and how many of them they’ve contacted this week. We make it easy for you to monitor your team performance and see which relationships in each bucket need immediate attention.


See how many contacts your colleagues communicate with each day and how many action items they’ve completed.


With just the click of a button, you can share any of your contacts with all of your team members.


Share buckets across your team. Seamlessly connect your personal buckets to your team buckets so that your most relevant contact records are always up-to-date.


When you assign a contact to a colleague, only he or she will receive follow-up notifications for that contact, creating true contact ownership.


Share buckets across your team. Seamlessly connect your personal buckets to your team buckets so that your most relevant contact records are always up-to-date.


Connect unlimited email accounts, Follow-up reminders, Social network integration, Customizable email templates, Team contact sharing, Bulk messaging, Article + content sharing, Programs for scheduled workflows, Track Email Conversations, Track Social Conversations, Email signature scraper, Templates, Introductions, Real-time dashboard, Reporting, Audit Logging

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Contactually, Contactually for Individuals, Contactually for Teams
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Contactually, Inc.
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Yes, Android App
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Washington, DC
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