Review of RelateIQ

January, 2015

RelateIQ is a CRM that integrates with the email inboxes of your entire team, automatically capturing interactions with your customers and clients, then it analyzes this data to improve your relationships.

The application uses advanced analytics to track and utilize your email connections. Professionals can stay current with all ongoing conversations, including the number of days since the last email exchange, with the app’s easy-to-use interface.

Some of RelateIQ key features include:

  • Closest Connection: You can type in the name of a business or individual and the app will search imported address books, calendar invites, emails and social data to help identify someone who may be able to help connect you. The system ranks the closest connection, in order of strength, allowing you to see which person has the closest connection to the contact.
  • Mobile: RelateIQ enables you to seamlessly alternate between desktop, phone and tablet, while keeping the same uniformed format and options.
  • Reports: You can stay on top of sales activities with RelateIQ’s pipeline reporting. The reports allow users to see the number of leads, the average number of days inactive and the average number of days specific leads have been holding their current status.
  • Collaboration: RelateIQ allows collaboration to achieve team goals. The process is automated, so each team member can see past communications by other team members, allowing them to know what to follow up on and how to handle the conversation when they do.
  • Lists: RelateIQ lets you create helpful, organized lists so you can view all the activity related to each client to make sure everything that needs to be handled is.
  • Integrations: With RelateIQ’s API, you are able to integrate the app into your existing organizational infrastructure. This ability is crucial to all businesses because most use a business-grade email account. RelateIQ can also be integrated with marketing automation tools like Marketo, ticketing systems like ZenDesk and webforms like WuFoo.

Ease of use

After a user logs into RelateIQ, they are immediately prompted to link all of their existing email accounts and contact lists to the app. This saves users a lot of time and effort compared to manually inputting information about their contacts. However, the app takes automation to the next level, by helping the user make decisions about their customers and clients based on past communications.

Also using information from past communications, RelateIQ offers suggestions on tasks to consider. If an email hasn’t received a response in a while, the app lets the user know this by offering a suggestion on the dashboard to do so. If the user then agrees with the suggestion, all they need to do is accept it and that suggestion is changed to a task and added to the list.

Customer Service

RelateIQ’s customer support is pretty impressive. They supply a wealth of informational videos to help you get setup and to keep things running smooth along the way. However, RelateIQ doesn’t stop there, they also include a library full of helpful articles to make sure you are able to take advantage of all the tools they have to offer.

Additionally, there is a helpful and efficient customer service staff ready to promptly answer your questions and solve any problems you’re having. It does seem like RelateIQ really does have a very good product and the support staff to back it up.

Add-Ons and Integration

When choosing an application for your business, it is very important to make sure it integrates with your existing apps, and with new apps that will help your business run smoother and grow. Here are some of the many featured integrations that they works well with.

  • Hubspot: Both an inbound marketing platform, as well as a sales platform, with a variety of tools to manage an assortment of sales and marketing tasks.
  • MailChimp: An email marketing service provider that helps your company build a marketing campaign with one of the most effective tools, an email list.
  • Pardot: RelateIQ’s integration with Pardot allows users to track all prospective interactions, from downloads to page views, then score them based on parameters set by the user.
  • Zapier: Provides you a cloud-based integration platform to help you connect your web apps and systems.
  • Bitium: Lets you securely manage and apply your company’s apps, users and passwords in one place.

Problems and Complaints

In the case of RelateIQ, the benefits far outweigh the problems. I have been hard pressed to even come up with a decent amount of material for this section.

For the most part, the complaints really have more to do with what you would like to see changed for your specific business and needs.

In Conclusion

RelateIQ may be a little more expensive than some other CRM applications, however, the benefits you receive from the app more than pays for itself in income and savings.

Being a relatively new application, RelateIQ already has a lot of advantages already. It will be very interesting to see how this foundation is improved in the future.

The Sales Pitch

The Smarter, Simpler CRM

Everything You Need, and Nothing to Get in Your Way

Manage Your Opportunities Without the Data Entry

RelateIQ automatically updates itself with relevant information from your prospect and customer communications.

Understand a Customer In Depth Without the Run-Around

Know everything about your customer interactions with one click, from their last touchpoint to your next opportunity to follow-up.

Sell Smarter with RelateIQ

Leverage RelateIQ’s powerful, data-driven Relationship Intelligence features to bubble up customer insights before you even know you need them!

We manage the details of every customer and prospect for you. We even enter info automatically from email, calendar, marketing automation systems, and many other data sources so you don’t have to.

With our Relationship Intelligence features, we let you automatically filter and sort data that only RelateIQ captures, like how long it’s been since you last contacted a prospect. You can focus on prospects that need your attention most and close more deals.

See if anyone on your team is in contact with a prospect already, or if your teammates have followed up with leads you’re working together. RelateIQ helps your team stay in sync when you connect with customers.

RelateIQ lets you reach out to contacts without bouncing between your email and CRM. Click once and start selling wherever you are.

If someone emails you and you don’t reply, we’ll create a reminder for you automatically. You’ll never miss a beat with the relationships that matter most.


Accounts, contacts, and lists, Automatic email + calendar logging, Smartphone call logging, Contact enhancement, Contact deduplication, Shared address book, Customizable pipeline templates, Sent-email tracking, Relationship Intelligence data, Automatic + custom follow-ups, Easy in-line collaboration with teams, Complete control over sharing, Relationship history stream, iOS + Android apps, Real-time activity reporting, API access, AES 256 encryption standards, Secure storage and backups, Office hours and webinars, Dedicated account manager, Training tailored to your organization


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