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Rating: 3.5/5

AkkenCloud is a web-based staffing software platform that provides businesses with the tools to perform everyday tasks efficiently and effectively. The applicant tracking system allows users to search, track and manage job candidates, orders, and assignments.

The calendar and task manager function provides appointment and scheduling reminders from one screen.

AkkenCloud staffing software lets businesses rank job candidates, manage orders and documents. The customized modules can be enabled or disabled to meet company needs.

The system offers sales force automation for the streamlining of a company’s entire sales process. Leads are managed with increased speed and forecasting, with analytics included.

Candidate relationships, job orders, assignments, and sales pipelines can be searched, tracked, and managed from a centralized location. The software offers CRM capabilities including email campaign management, management of shared records, integrated business collaboration, and enhanced collaboration access.

Additional management services include job order management and vendor management. The software also offers customized email marketing capabilities customized for multiple recipients. Other services include automated activity tracking, margin calendar, CRM groups, resume parsing, advanced searching, candidate ranking, and candidate self-service.

Some of AkkenCloud’s key features include:

AkkenCloud offers a variety of useful and efficient features. Here are only a few of the many features the system offers:

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce automation is provided to effectively and quickly manage the user’s leads while increasing productivity with forecasting and efficient analytics.

Applicant Tracking

Users can easily search, track, and manage candidate relationships, sales pipelines, job orders, and assignments with the system’s integrated applicant tracking and customer relationship management system.

Customer Relations

The on-demand CRM allows users the benefits of email campaign management, enhanced collaboration access, increased manageability or shared records, and integrated business collaboration activities.

Email Marketing

The email marketing feature offers customized email marketing capabilities so users can send targeted and individualized emails to multiple recipients quickly and efficiently.

Job Order Management

Job Order Management allows users to easily track all job orders with one easy-to-use dashboard. Users can track submissions, placements, trends and more in one centralized location.

Vendor Management

The integrated Vendor Management System provides users with immediate access to job requests and permissions. Users can fill requests quicker and gain an edge over the competition.

Automated Activity Tracking

AkkenCloud automatically tracks all of your past activity including emails, interviews, phone calls, notes and more.


CaptureMe allows users to avoid unnecessary data entry by instantly analyzing and saving resumes, job orders, timesheets, expenses and new contacts directly from their email.

Margin Calculator

AkkenCloud provides a helpful calculator to calculate pay rates, bill rates, and margins directly from the Job Order.

CRM Groups

AkkenCloud lets you segment, save, and easily take action with Contacts and Candidates. Users can manage lists for sales prospecting, customer satisfaction & communications programs, candidate searching, and filling jobs.

Resume Parsing

Users can automatically extract resume information and create complete candidate profiles in seconds with resume parsing technology. AkkenCloud’s resume parsing saves everything, including skills, experience, education, and more.

Advanced Searching

AkkenCloud’s integrated search feature lets you find the information you are looking for instantly, with quick keyword search, more detailed and extensive advanced search, or Boolean search strings.

Candidate Self Service

Users can create and customize self-service accounts for candidates to submit timesheets and expenses. Users can also make personal information changes to be reviewed by internal back office managers.

Candidate Ranking

AkkenCloud allows you to match your candidates to suitable jobs in a matter of seconds with their instant candidate ranking and auto-match feature.

Ease of use

AkkenCloud Staffing Software provides simple, affordable staffing and recruiting software. By integrating on-demand ATS, CRM, email, resume parsing and job management with accounting, reporting, and human resource management. AkkenCloud offers the first all-in-one software system that automates processes across all business functions, allowing staffing firms to generate more revenues and profits faster and easier.

Customer Service

AkkenCloud’s customer service was efficient and effective. The company offers several different options for technical support including:

Instant chat on their website

24/7 Email response

A no waiting policy on their toll-free phone number, 866-590-6695 during business hours of 8:30am-5:30pm U.S. EST

An emergency phone line at 866-590-6695 X8 for after hours and holidays.

Their Help Center featuring “How To” guides and videos

Training programs featuring weekly webinars and video tutorials.

Web updates.

Add-Ons and Integration

Whether it’s a custom in-house build or a third party vendor, AkkenCloud users can integrate all their services with one core platform. The AkkenCloud Open API doesn’t have limitations on the types of systems that can be integrated. Here are a few of the systems that are integrated with the AkkenCloud platform:


ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions.

Haley Marketing Group

Haley Marketing provides website development, content, and email marketing, social media marketing, and strategy consulting to the staffing industry.

HR Work Cycles LLC

HR Work Cycles is a premier provider of business process outsourcing services including I-9 management and compliance, E-Verify integration, electronic employee onboarding, and tax credit and incentive discovery and processing.

Intuit Inc.

Intuit provides business and financial management solutions for small businesses, consumers, accounting professionals and financial institutions primarily in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Singapore.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is redefining how business solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand the possibilities for a competitive advantage.

Problems and Complaints

AkkenCloud is a very powerful and useful software platform that provides businesses with the tools to perform everyday tasks efficiently and effectively, however, it isn’t without some flaws.

One of the main problems with the system is its speed, with a tendency to slow down and freeze up on occasion and specific tasks occasionally taking longer than should be expected to.

In Conclusion

The AkkenCloud web-based staffing software platform offers a wealth of tools to greatly organize and streamline the staffing process. With a fully integrated front office, back office and intra-office, AkkenCloud provides businesses with the mobility to access and work remotely from any location on any device.

The Sales Pitch

AkkenCloud is the staffing efficiency improvement program that helped hundreds of Staffing and Recruiting companies to improve their efficiency, place more people and increase customer retention.

AkkenCloud is the first and only All-in-One, 100% cloud based software platform for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry.

The AkkenCloud software platform is simple to use, with integrated front office, back office and intra office including social media, and provides mobility to access and work from anywhere on any device.


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