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HR & Compliance Management Software

Organizations in all industries and of all sizes face complex business challenges. As the economy improves, few executives want to return to a high-cost environment. Streamlined, consistent and efficient business processes not only optimize resources but also enable organizations to mitigate exposure to litigation and regulatory investigations.

Compli offers a comprehensive, flexible suite of web-based products and programs that enable organizations to automate workflow to complete tasks once performed manually. Automated deployment of human resource and compliance-related policies, training courses and documents enables managers at all levels to view real-time assessments of employee skills and compliance levels. From pre-hire applicant tracking and background testing services, efficient on-boarding of new hires, “just in time” skills training to monitoring professional development and gaining insight into termination data, Compli provides a complete set of solutions to manage workflow and compliance documentation.


Employment Lifecycle Management, Regulatory Compliance Management, Recruitment, Orientation Management, On-the-job management (harassment and discrimination, wage and hour management, performance management, time-off tracker), Termination management, Counsel (Law, accounting, health and safety e-Counsels), Sales/Finance insurance, Compliance/Safety/Accountability/Risk, Environmental Health and Safety


Carr Automotive Group, Mossy Automotive Group, Phil Smith Management, Ed Schmidt Automotive Group, Kendall Automotive Group, WW&W, Pure Safety, Hudson Cook, LLP, CROWE Horwath, Sterling, Fisher & Phillips LLP, AAS, CCH, EORM, AFIP, We Comply, Prevention Point, HARCO, CHUBB, AUTOTEAM AMERICA,

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