Review of SilkRoad OpenHire

February, 2013

Rating: 4/5

In a phrase, SilkRoad OpenHire is a good, quality application.

OpenHire is a cloud-based recruitment service - it covers applicant tracking, screening and a careers portal for your corporate website. OpenHire is part of SilkRoad LifeSuite - their full talent management solution.

Before you choose OpenHire, here are the key things you need to know

First, OpenHire’s place in the SilkRoad LifeSuite. SilkRoad provide a full, comprehensive talent management solution. OpenHire is just one part of their full suite. I recommend if you’re looking at OpenHire that you look at the full suite.

Second, support. SilkRoad’s SLA indicates the system should be up 99% of the time. If it goes down, they will credit you for downtime. Also, note that telephone support over the weekend is limited, except for emergencies.

Third, the integration between different parts of the suite. While many other HR vendors have grown separate talent management functionality through acquisition, SilkRoad have built the entire suite from the ground up - making it simpler to maintain, and roll out new features. We’re pleased to see SilkRoad’s developments and new features, including social, mobile and integration functionality.

Finally, are you looking for just recruitment software, or a full talent management suite? Particularly if you’re looking at implementing a broader suite of talent management (either now, or as a future rollout), I recommend you put SilkRoad on your shortlist for recruitment software.

The Sales Pitch

SilkRoad technology’s OpenHire is a social recruiting software system that gives you the tools to attract, screen, and hire the best talent globally. OpenHire applicant tracking system provides a consistent, easy to use, affordable HR recruitment software solution while maintaining compliance.

OpenHire’s effectiveness shows in its usage statistics. SilkRoad customers received more than 8 million candidate applications through OpenHire HR recruitment software in 2011. Of those, over 175,000 were hired through the efforts of more than 10,000 recruiters.

Organizations Benefit from OpenHire’s Applicant Tracking Software with:

  • Customizable hiring workflows to manage the entire recruiting process
  • Easy creation of branded job portals for candidate engagement
  • Time-saving applicant screening, searching, and matching tools
  • Broader applicant selection through a free job distribution network and social media integration
  • Efficient interview scheduling and applicant communication

Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, Screening, Career Portal

500 (estimated)

High Sierra Industries, Scoot Airline, NES Rentals, Rustan Coffee, Elkay Manufacturing, McLeod Health, Stanford, NetIQ

Tech Information
Service Name
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Medium (100-499 people)
EU Safe Harbor, SAS70 Type II and SSAE-16, HIPAA
Major Outages
None reported
Launch Date
Telephone, Online, Email, 24x5, 24x7 (emergencies)
Mobile Devices
Head Office
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