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Changepoint is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions available for Professional Services Automation (PSA). The system gives the user control over their resources and service-related enterprise procedures by providing a detailed dashboard view of all levels of services their company provides.

Providing the industry’s only business portfolio management solution that addresses both supply and demand, Changepoint’s capabilities include pre-packaged business metrics, process automation and management portlets and reports and templates, all based on industry standards such as PMBOK.

Changepoint benefits product-minded tech companies that require professional services automation and need to drive revenue through improving the connection between services and product management, product development/R&D and support and maintenance.

Changepoint provides an enhanced approach to Agile environments. The system also helps businesses overcome obstacles and deploy application portfolio management strategies.

The system offers the user Opportunity and Resource Management, Customer LIfeCycle Management, and Financial Management.

Changepoint combines Project Portfolio Management, New Product Development and Release Planning best practices for a complete solution enabling unified management visibility and control into product development.

Some of Changepoint’s key features include:

Changepoint offers a wide variety of features focused on Professional Services Automation (PSA), including:

  • A single, integrated platform

  • Offering the insight and control required by a business

  • Providing greater control over products

  • Improved client satisfaction

  • More intuitive investments

**Ease of use

Changepoint offers several benefits to streamline use and create a very user-friendly atmosphere focused on improving the products ease of use. Some of the features which make the system integration seamless include:

  • The ability to configure the user’s own designed fields to help > support the governing of their project and portfolio process.

  • The integration of the Intelledox tool enables users to develop > e-Forms within Changepoint. This provides standardized project > documentation like project contracts, project change requests, and > closure reports.

  • The Changepoint database is easy to configure in order to aggregate > and export data to the user’s Global IS Scorecard.

  • Changepoint provides an opportunity to manage the user’s products on > a global scale.

Customer Service

Changepoint’s Customer Service team is very competent and well respected. They also offer an impressive selection of videos, white pages and information to help the user get the system up and running and to provide assistance every step of the way, ensuring that the use of their product remains streamlined and easy to use.

Add-Ons and Integration

Changepoint offers several integration options that improve the operation of the system and offer several different alternatives for customization. Some of the more popular integrated applications include:

Changepoint’s CRM adapter ties together professional services automation (PSA) and customer relationship management (CRM) business processes, allowing organizations to use the CRM tool of their choice and ensure that critical CRM information is available in the PSA solution at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications, which are delivered through a network of reselling partners who provide specialized services.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft that integrates intranet, content management, and document management. SharePoint is mostly used by midsize businesses and large departments.

Problems and Complaints

Changepoint’s user interface can seem a little clunky, outdated and difficult to navigate in some instances. For example, the location of items aren’t always intuitive and can be frustrating when you are required to go to different views in order to see information that should be grouped together. In order to view task information, the user is required to go to the projects tab. You aren’t given the option of drilling down from the project or engagement level.

This leaves the Changepoint usability with something to be desired, at least as far as the basic features are concerned. Overall Changepoint has significant functionality, however, users find basic tasks, like creating expense reports, needlessly complicated and not user-friendly.

In Conclusion

Changepoint provides solutions in both Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) complete with comprehensive and flexible delivery options that meet the various diverse needs of customers of all sizes. From small organizations to the largest and most complex enterprises.

For service businesses and their teams, the IT management software handles every aspect of the services business from customer acquisitions to services delivery, through to financial control and management.

Changepoint allows teams to drive strong margins, better manage projects, optimize resources, deliver a competitive product and services mix, and maintain top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability.

The Sales Pitch

The Power of PSA Software

Whether you are searching for Professional Services Automation (PSA), Services Resource Planning (SRP) or PPM for Services, the solution is still the same. Improving customer acquisition, service delivery, financial health and customer management are the cornerstones of a robust PSA solution.


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