Review of ConnectWise

February, 2015

Rating: 5/5

ConnectWise is a web-based business and project management solution designed to manage all of the core functions of any technology business in one integrated solution. It is specially designed to fit the needs of technology companies. Their current customer base consists of tech companies, system integrators, software developers, VARs and similar companies.

ConnectWise is a full business management platform that contains standard project management features including collaboration, sharing and task delegation, along with crossover business management features that include workflow monitoring, CRM elements, integration with a customer database, sales reporting, billing and invoicing.

ConnectWise is mobile accessible, and its capabilities can be expanded through support integration with various programs to manage other elements of a business support software including accounting, document management, recovery and security.

Some of ConnectWise’s key features include:

  • Billing and Invoicing You can use ConnectWise smart contract management to manage service contracts with agreement automation. ConnectWise also allows you to automate invoicing from service ticket data and sync payment details from your accounting system.
  • Project Management ConnectWise’s project management lets you create work plans, timelines and get detailed reporting on progress. Use the workflow engine to set deadlines and receive notifications of overdue tasks. You can also include a sales-to-project conversion tool.
  • Helpdesk Management ConnectWise’s Helpdesk Management includes a ticketing system with workflow automation, SLA, performance monitoring and access tickets on-the-go from mobile devices.
  • Reporting and Dashboards ConnectWise’s custom report writer lets you generate reports on anything you need. Dashboards display overviews, as well as detailed information of KPIs.
  • ITIL Processes Automation Connectwise can be used to automate the full range of ITIL processes, including: change management, incident management, availability management, request management, service-level management, service reporting, service asset and configuration management and knowledge management.

Ease of use

With the addition of ConnectWise Mobile even the most resource-intensive and time-sensitive aspects of your operations can be handled with unprecedented proficiency.

A first for the industry, ConnectWise Mobile enables real-time mobile collaboration by arming your sales and technical staff with up-to-the-minute work schedules, service tickets and timesheets from their cell phone or other compatible mobile device.

Customer Service

ConnectWise has a range of customer support options available which improves the use of their system to achieve maximum productivity. These options include:

Customer Service ConnectWise offers 24/7/365 support through phone, live chat and email.

Consulting that is tailored to your needs. The ConnectWise consulting services offers a number of options to help your business get more out of the system and improve operational efficiency.

Training The ConnectWise Training Program is laid out in a simple to digest manner. Each layer of training builds on the previous section. ConnectWise trains you on only what you need to be successful based on your role within the company, not on a “one size fits all” or worse “Here are thousands and thousands of words explaining the system, you figure out what you need”.

Ongoing Education Even when you are up and running with ConnectWise the education doesn’t stop there. You have access to best practice resources, including blueprints for your business, ConnectWise TV episodes, live webinar trainings and, easy to digest, how-to videos.

Communities A growing list of communities help you benefit from the expertise and experiences of people who have been in your shoes and had the questions you had. There is a wealth of peer assistance available to help you quickly find the answer to your question and get you back on the road again.

Add-Ons and Integration

QuoteWerks is the market leading sales quoting and proposal software solution for VARs and MSPs. QuoteWerks retrieves real-time product content and prices from you distributors, places online orders, retrieves order status to facilitate a seamless sales process from beginning to end.

Wise-Sync provides comprehensive integration of all ConnectWise accounting data to Xero Accounting.

ConnectBooster is a payment integration with both ConnectWise and QuickBooks that gives your IT company the tools to collect payment from credit card and ACH payments, while eliminating the manual tasks associated with your billing process. Email Analytics tool integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise and extends your ability to target your best prospects. It gives you precise control over the way messages and campaigns go out to clients and prospects.

Quosal is a quote and proposal automation that makes it simple to create professional quotes and proposals to help you win more deals.

Problems and Complaints

I found the workflow to be sometimes confusing because there are too many different ways to do the same thing, and no clear explanation of which is best, or what the implications are for choosing one method over the other.

The application also seems to be a little dated and doesn’t take advantage of advances in design and UI

In Conclusion

ConnectWise incorporates most of what a service provider needs to capture, from sales and purchasing through service delivery and invoicing. The ConnectWise community is also a valuable resource to users.

However, the system does has its drawbacks and areas that need to be improved. Just like any system, ConnectWise isn’t a perfect solution for everyone, but it could be the solution for you.

The Sales Pitch

ConnectWise: Making It All Manageable

ConnectWise enables you to organize your business around one system, enabling everyone in the business to connect and communicate through one unified and fully integrated operational platform.

Designed primarily for use by technology companies like yours, ConnectWise provides the features- and benefits- small to medium-sized VARs, MSPs, ISVs and web design firms not only look for, but require to get the most out of their business processes.

We put control of your business where it belongs: In your hands. Excellence in service delivery is now within your reach. You and your team can work with greater efficiencies than ever before. ConnectWise simplifies roles and communication within your company including the management of Help Desk and Service Management, Sales, Marketing and Account Management, Finance Management, Project Management, Procurement and Inventory, Dashboards and Reporting, Integration


Help Desk and Service Management, Sales, Marketing and Account Management, Finance Management, Project Management, Procurement and Inventory, Dashboards and Reporting, Integration

49,000 IT professionals

Axcell Technologies, Ciracom, DBS Communications, IT Resource, ITConnexx, NetStar

Tech Information
Service Name
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Medium (100-499 people)
ISO 27001, PCI
Telephone, Online, Email, Community
Mobile Devices
Yes, Android App, iPhone App
Head Office
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