Review of GeoOP

February, 2015

Rating: 4/5

GeoOp is a cloud based job management software for trades and services. It allows you to produce online job sheets, schedule staff and invoice on the go.

GeoOp offers easy management of operations, giving businesses the ability to oversee employees who are out in the field as though they were in the office. Updates are in real time, so supervisors can easily keep up with the status of each assigned job at all times.

The ability to report in using this mobile app can increase a business’s productivity by as much as 20 percent, since they will no longer be required to drop paperwork off at the office, where it will then need to be entered into a computer system.

Some of GeoOP’s key features include:

  • Real-time Job Scheduling
  • Job Quoting
  • Geo Scheduling
  • GPS Tracking of Staff and Assets
  • Assign jobs based on staff location
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Job Templates and Reporting
  • Mobile Invoicing

Ease of use

In addition to tracking employees and the work they’ve performed, GeoOp can track inventory and assets to make billing easier. Workers in the field can log time and add parts to billing directly on a mobile app, eliminating paper-based processes altogether.

Office workers use GeoOp to create new jobs, update the old ones, assign them to your employees, view real-time staff schedules, view the locations of jobs and staff, invoice your customers in minutes and a lot more.

Customer Service

Either through the web console, the website or mobile devices, customers can search articles or submit a ticket for help.

Customer service is helpful and seems to respond quickly to any problems or questions that arise. This is pretty much all you can ask from any company since nothing is perfect. You can only hope that your problems don’t go unnoticed and are rectified as soon as possible.

Add-Ons and Integration

Training & Beyond - An award winning training center specialising in cloud software. They provide structured training sessions, online training and tailored education options.

Rype - Australia’s leading Cloud Integrator - certified Apple, Google, Box, Xero and Vend.

CloudMeb - Specializes in cloud solution integration: CRM, time and job management, accounting, marketing and web. They integrate the best available cloud applications that help you streamline your process so you can keep it simple and efficient.

ZeroBooks - Reduces the amount of time you spend on your bookkeeping.

VoIP - Over 15 years of experience managing solutions for SME and large groups alike. VoIP has years of experience

Problems and Complaints

There have been some problems syncing jobs and information between the office and devices in the field. However, the company has said that they are working on this and there is no good reason to believe it won’t be fixed.

For the most part GeoOp can be a very powerful app for any service industry business, to minimize wasted efforts and extra steps, while increasing productivity as a result.

In Conclusion

GeoOp is an app that follows a field service worker every stage of their process, logging time and capturing it in billable hours. This makes the entire process of dispatching and billing for jobs easier for businesses, avoiding errors and increasing productivity.

The Sales Pitch

GeoOP is a complete Job Management solution for your service business. It’s all in the Cloud, so it’s wherever you are. Your team is able to download our App on their smartphones and tablets, so they take work with them wherever they go. Pen, paper and even the good old whiteboard, has got you where you are today, but isn’t it time to start running your business in real time, not your time? Scheduling, Job dispatch, GPS, Quoting, Invoicing and much more are all wrapped into our low cost, simple to use GeoOP App. This is what GeoOP is and it’s ready to unleash the potential in your business.


Mobile Job Management, Real Time Job Sheets, GPS Tracking, Job Scheduling, Job Quoting and Costing, Invoicing (integration with Xero & Freshbooks), Signature Capture, Inventory Management (integration with Unleashed)


APSL Limited, Coxtech, Albemarle Sound & Security, Brice NSW, Student Volunteer Army, Impact Home Theater, Lift and Load Removals, Western Audio Video, Medina Care, Compass Gas & Plumbing, TCV, WACS Security, Brandy Creek Plumbing, Plumbing and Electric, Allen’s Freight

Tech Information
Service Name
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Tiny (10-24 people)
Telephone, Online, Email, Community
Mobile Devices
Yes, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App
Head Office
New Zealand
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