Review of Syncplicity (EMC)

Rating: 5/5

Syncplicity syncs files between devices, enables collaboration, and ensures that file access rights are appropriate.

Syncplicity was founded by thee ex-Microsoft employees in 2008, and was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2012.

It is available in four editions: the Personal Edition, the Business Edition (aimed at small and medium businesses), the Department Edition (aimed at large businesses), and the Enterprise Edition.

The Personal Edition is free. The Business Edition costs $60 per user / year (minimum 3 users), the Department Edition costs $60 per user / year (minimum of 25 users), and the Enterprise Edition costs $150 per user / year (minimum of 25 users). The two higher-level editions need to be purchased from EMC Direct or partner sales.

Syncplicity offers the ability for users to sync any of their folders (or desktops) between any device operating on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows mobile.

There are native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 8, and there is a web app that can be used on any browser.

Common document types can be opened from within the app. Microsoft Office documents can be edited within Syncplicity, and PDFs can be easily annotated. Powerpoint presentations can also be delivered (with all the bells and whistles) from within the app.

In relation to sharing and collaboration, you can share any folder and file to users or groups you create. You can even share files externally. There are quite a few special features to enhance the sharing process, for instance you can easily set the reading and writing permissions of documents you share. Large files can be distributed via Secured Shared Links.

Syncplicity includes the capability to embed rights management controls into shared documents. This can be controlled remotely, allowing digital claw-back of documents if necessary.

So what, specifically, can organizations using Syncplicity do? Obviously any registered users have the ability to access their files from any device they are using. Because businesses use the product, many of them at enterprise level, much effort has gone into file security, ensuring that there is total compliance with relevant standards.

Many firms have a distributed workforce, often from all over the world. This system enables documents to be pushed to any members of the organization, and that they are totally synchronized, no matter where the team members are. It is possible for team members to work on files off-line until they next obtain internet access. As with most similar-type apps, there is real-time document backup - very useful when you have a sudden power outage.

Of course for all of this to work the software operates in the cloud, and Syncplicity provides cloud storage to its users. Their quota ranges from a free 10GB storage for users of the Personal Edition (they do have the option to purchase additional storage at $5 per month for an extra 100GB), through 300GB plus 5GB / user, for Business Edition users, to 1TB for companies who operate the Department Edition, and unlimited storage with the Enterprise Edition.

The level of support you receive is dependent on the edition you have, with online support available at all levels, email support at Business Edition and above, and phone support for the Department and Enterprise Editions only.

Overall, Syncplicity is a very easy app to use, which helps give users peace of mind. People who are used to using traditional server or PC-based software will be amazed by having automatic real-time backup, and not having to think about file saving.

The Sales Pitch

Syncplicity Delivers: Frictionless User Experience

Get a complete solution for file sync and sharing that users will love.

  • No extra steps’ save files and access them anywhere
  • Access files online or offline from your mobile device of choice
  • Share files with just a click

Industry-Leading IT Security and Controls

Syncplicity gives IT all the features and tools they need to secure, protect, deploy, support and monitor file sync and sharing throughout their business.

  • Use Active Directory or SAML-based authentication
  • Set policies for sharing and file retention
  • Deploy at scale
  • Manage accounts and devices
  • Gain visibility with usage and audit reports

Storage Flexibility and Compliance

Gain ultimate control over file storage by choosing cloud or on premise storage.

Syncplicity cloud storage utilizes SSAE-16 SOC2 audited data centers and features 99.999999999% data resiliency Choose to store files ““on premise”” with EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS or EMC Atmos Object Storage (Enterprise Edition Only)’ Your files never reside within our data centers


File Sync, Group File Distribution, File Sharing & Collaboration, File Backup & Protection

30,000 businesses

Partner at Agile Technologies, LLC., United Capital, Google, Hearthstone, Inc., SilentSelling, Beauty Resource Group, LLC, Nemetos, Inc., Fortkort & Houston PC, Avamere Family of Companies

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