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EmploymentTalk is the leading online career transition solution available since 2000, used widely by outplacement and career management firms as a comprehensive solution powering their practice, client delivery, consultant management and improving the overall experience of career transition for all participants. EmploymentTalk also helps organizations who offer career services including recruitment firms, job boards, career centers, universities and companies with exiting employees.

Envision all of your career transition resources and data stored in one secure online system. A system that is accessible by you, your customers, consultants and clients. Send frequent progress reports to your customers, easily and more efficiently.

Your clients will have instant access to the most advanced online career tools and services helping them find new opportunities in a productive and efficient manner, fulfilling their career potential in today’s competitive employment market.

EmploymentTalk is available in multiple languages and easily customizable; a truly integrated solution that fits your firm’s requirements.


Psychometric Assessments, Resume/CV, Networking, Communication, Campaign Management, Career Research, Customization, Reporting, Talent Search Engine, Online Identity Management/SEO


APEC, Kaiser-Hill Company & Rocky Flats, Hudson, Goodrich & Sherwood, King & Bishop

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Small (25-99 people)
TRUSTe, E.U. Safe Harbor Framework
Telephone, Online, Email
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