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Rating: 3.5/5

JobAdder is a comprehensive recruitment management platform built completely in the cloud. This system is a great option for small and growing recruiting agencies, as well as in-house HR teams who need to optimize their recruiting efforts.

The platform is fully accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection since it’s completely cloud-based; it’s also browser-agnostic and mobile device-friendly, so all of the robust features can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

JobAdder’s advanced posting technologies are completely integrated into the application. After an ad is created, users can pick the job boards on which to post it, and with a single click the job posting can be sent to over 200 job boards, including social media sites.

JobAdder makes it easy to track and manage any open positions once the postings are live. Applications are automatically imported into the system and recruiters can review cover letters and resumes online from the job postings, eliminating manual entry and a lot of paper.

The software also offers customizable SMS and email templates so recruiters can easily communicate with candidates and track their correspondence from a single platform.

Some of JobAdder’s key features include:

Recruitment Management Software

JobAdder’s RMS is a comprehensive web based recruitment solution developed for both recruitment agencies and corporate employers. The system is currently used by hundreds of recruitment agencies and corporate employers.

Job Posting Software

JobAdder job posting solutions allows users to easily post job ads to over 250 different job posting boards. All you have to do is write your ads, select the job sites and click “post”. JobAdder does the rest.

Online Timesheets

Users have the ability to manage their contractors and timesheets online in one easy to use solution. The JobAdder Online Timesheet system is completely web-based, runs on any web browser and can be used as an integrated part of the JobAdder RMS or as a standalone solution if you are currently using a different recruitment system.

Ease of use

One of JobAdder’s biggest benefits is its simplicity of use and user-friendly interface. It’s made obvious where you need to go to find the information you’re looking for. This is a huge benefit, especially to new consultants and makes life that much easier.

Another major plus is how JobAdder integrates a candidate’s information. Users are able to take information from Gmail and add that info to a candidate’s records from CVs, saving valuable time and effort.

Customer Service

JobAdder’s customer support was excellent, they were very helpful and pleasant. They were able to answer questions and fix any problems quickly and efficiently.

There are also several online training videos, that are easy to understand and follow, to train new users with the application. These training options allow you to learn at your own pace, making startup a breeze.

They also offer unlimited, free customer support with very helpful people available to take your questions and give you the answers you need to be up and running or back on your way without confusion.

Add-Ons and Integration

One of the best features of JobAdder is how it integrates with Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.

This integration allows you to:

  • Interact with JobAdder right from your inbox

  • You can create new Candidates and Contacts directly from your email > account

  • Add notes to existing records

  • Add attachments to JobAdder from your email

  • Read JobAdder notes from you email inbox

Problems and Complaints

JobAdder didn’t offer me a lot to complain about. The application did everything it was supposed to do and in a manner that is truly organized and very easy to use.

Sure, you can always find something wrong with any software, however, if you are only focusing on what JobAdder claims to be able to do and what they deliver, even the most critical user would have to agree that they offer a job recruiting solution that will make the task far simpler than going solo, or even with comparable software.

In Conclusion

JobAdder is a comprehensive recruitment management platform that is very simple to use and makes life a lot easier with the tasks it performs in job posting and recruitment.

I was impressed with the recruiting options that JobAdder offers. If you want a very easy to use recruiting solution, then JobAdder is worth looking into.

The Sales Pitch

Recruitment Software (RMS)

JobAdder offers Australia’s most intuitive online recruitment software (RMS). The JobAdder Recruitment Software is unique in that it has been designed from the outset for both recruitment agencies and corporate employers. Anyone who recruits should consider JobAdder. The software is comprehensive, configurable, affordable and can be implemented in a matter of days.

If you are currently managing your recruitment via Excel, Outlook or expensive, difficult to use recruitment software then your business is at a competitive disadvantage. You are probably losing valuable candidate resumes or unable to easily search your resumes, you are doing too much manual work, taking too long to fill roles, missing out on social media opportunities and other unnecessary frustrations


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