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Rating: 3.5/5

JobScience Recruiting gives recruiters the tools they need provide a new and more efficient way to find quality people with the skills and knowledge your company needs to fill open positions. The application delivers the first end-to-end recruitment system that mirrors the modern sales and marketing platform including candidate relationship management, recruitment analytics and modern marketing automation.

JobScience operates through mobile devices, social networks and is cloud based, with easy access to data helping recruiters achieve a whole new level of recruitment.

JobScience contains a number of job posting templates which users can edit and send to online boards and social media channels. As candidate resumes arrive, the system can capture key applicant details, rate candidates on a 100 point scale for potential recruits and send out automated email responses.

Users can look through each resume, search for skills by keyword and ultimately schedule interviews for qualified candidates, The system can also host a collaborative feedback space for managers, and users can take employee referrals for positions.

JobScience Recruiting also generates analytics on recruiter performance and productivity so you can stay on top of which recruiters are efficient and effective at the task, and where improvement is needed.

Some of JobScience Recruiting’s key features include:

JobScience offers several powerful and helpful features to streamline and organize the recruiting process, here are just a few of them:

  • Social and Collaborative Recruiting
  • Sourcing through Talent Network
  • Job Management
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Approval Process Management
  • Candidate Communication

Ease of use

JobScience is extremely user friendly and easy to use, allowing you to recruit on the go, anytime, anywhere. This affords your hiring managers the ability to be actively engaged in the hiring process, allowing them to:

  • See candidates resumes
  • Source from mobile devices
  • Schedule interviews
  • Add comments and ratings

JobScience is also completely customizable and can provide several different solutions to the recruiter. The system also runs on the platform, meaning it provides all of the same reporting, activity tracking and 3rd party application tools needed to help make the recruiting process much more efficient.

With JobScience’s Resume Power tool, users can upload complete folders of applicant resumes into the system, which then creates individual candidate profiles for each candidate.

These profiles are then stored in the system, and recruiters can search past candidate profiles for a potential match to current job openings. With the match feature users can compare these candidate profiles to current listings to determine if a candidate has the skills and experience required for the job.

Customer Service

JobScience offers online and phone support. Their customer support is helpful in getting your questions answered and finding a solution to any problems that arise. The system’s ease of use also means that startup is simple and easy to understand.

Add-Ons and Integration

JobScience readily integrates with a whole host of applications focused on improving an already powerful recruiting application. Some of these integrations include:

Talent Analytics Talent Analytics is the leader in predicting employee performance, providing recruiters and hiring managers with insights to hire candidates that will perform better within a specific company and job position.

ShoreTel Sky ShoreTel Sky offers a great business phone system with several functions to make contacting potential JobScience recruits much easier.

Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure allows you to extend your existing IT systems into the public cloud and choose between infrastructure and platform services, providing you with the flexibility to choose the best solution for your needs.

LinkPoint360 LinkPoint360 allows you to increase JobScience adoption in your HR team with a solution that simplifies how data is added or viewed between systems. LinkPoint brings together the work your recruiters do in email and the data managed in JobScience.

Problems and Complaints

The search function could definitely use some improving, however, there are easy ways to work around this to find the right candidates within the database including running reports, looking at previous, similar requisitions.

In Conclusion

JobScience is an excellent Web-based applicant tracking and sourcing tool. From within the system, users can create job requisitions and automatically post them to their corporate social profiles, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Recruiters can also proactively search for candidates using the system’s sourcing function, pulling in lists of candidates from their own social networks.

I have found very few problems with the system, it is, infact, a very powerful application for organizing and improving the recruiting process. It is extremely easy to use and very customizable, making it a product that can help solve many different needs of any recruiter.

The Sales Pitch

1 rated Staffing and Recruitment App on Salesforce – Award winner 5 years running. More than an applicant tracking system, Jobscience offers an All-in-One Recruitment Platform that allows recruitment firms to streamline and grow their business. Get a free trial today by visiting our website.


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