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Why choose VidCruiter?

Video interviewing and recruiting platform powered by VidCruiter is changing the way people hire.

The recruiting products on this website deliver substantial results for your recruiting department and guaranteed ROI.

As you navigate through our recruiting software take a few minutes to watch the short overview videos, located inside each of our logos, to see exactly what each product does.

In the past our slogan was ““Applicants Interview Themselves with Better Results”” but in reality VidCruiter and your team are doing the interviewing. The difference with us is that you record yourself interviewing once, and then your time is free until you meet the top quality finalists in person.

Tens of thousands of people have been interviewed using VidCruiter’s video interview software. Some typed their response to a video interview, some responded via webcam to a video interview question and some responded to a reference request. In some cases, they did all three!

Regardless of how their applicants responded, organizations that adopt our recruiting technology are at the forefront of recruiting trends. We have a team of dedicated people who analyze trends in the software and HR worlds.

This laser-like focus on the areas that matter to your business means that we can map the future of recruiting. Sign up today for software that is simple, yet effective, to make your recruitment easy and efficient.


Video Interview Software, Applicant Tracking System, Automated Reference Checking, Profiling and Assessments, Applicant Recruiting software


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