Review of Accellion

March, 2013

Rating: 4/5

In a phrase, Accellion is enterprise-grade. Accellion provide a great file storage, sync and share solution for businesses.

Accellion provides two broad set of features - mobile productivity and mobile file sharing. Their mobile productivity suites allows you to create/edit/view and collaborate on MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on mobile devices. Additionally, it provides mobile file sharing, sync and storage and file transfer.

Before you choose Accellion, here are they key things you need to know.

The Accellion product

Firstly, Accellion’s product is enterprise-grade, and I think it’s a good option. They provide the features that are necessary for business storage, and stack up well (see our review of cloud storage providers for more details). This includes administrative control, audit functionality, and data-loss prevention.

Second, the end-user features are good. Accellion understand the needs of the enterprise - and include the version control, mobile access and collaboration tools to fit the way people work. I do recommend that you trial Accellion for yourself, to review the user experience, to make sure it will fit with your organisation.

Third, Accellion does provide a strong security architecture. We’ve reviewed the security measures that Accellion make public, and are happy with them. Accellion can comply with FIPS 140-2 level 1 which demonstrates good encryption and data protection. The product is also audited for security by 3rd parties. Accellion meets a good standard for security, that is strong enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of organisations.

The Accellion service

One strength of Accellion is that it gives you a choice of where your data is stored. You have an option of cloud storage, on-premise or hybrid. This section of the review covers the cloud hosting.

First, cloud hosting security. Accellion cloud storage uses Amazon AWS, which is a high-quality and secure solution. Amazon meet some of the highest security standards in the industry, and have very strict controls to keep your data safe. However, be aware that these apply only to the Amazon’s hosting, and not to the entire service. I would like to see Accellion get independent certification of their entire end-to-end services to the same strong security measures.

Second, I recommend you review the service and support guarantees. You may find the product is delivered by Accellion, but a service-level agreement with Amazon. Make sure you understand that this means for your organisation when it comes to managing downtime for upgrades and maintenance, and managing support.

Finally, I would like to see independent certification of Accelion’s service against industry standards. Accellion is a strong product, and I would like to see end-to-end security certification, against a standard such as ISO27001.


If you’re looking for an on-premise cloud file storage and sync solution, I recommend Accellion - it is one of the strongest offerings in the market.

The Sales Pitch

Secure Mobile File Sharing. Anytime. Anywhere.

Designed for the enterprise, Accellion provides secure mobile file sharing capabilities for employees, project teams, internal/external collaboration, virtual data rooms and deal rooms. Providing secure access to information on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops while ensuring data security and compliance, Accellion enables today’s business professionals to have the information they need where and when they need it.

Accellion solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability to enterprise organizations with the ability to support organizations with more than 100,000 users distributed across the globe. Offering the widest choice of cloud deployment options including public, private and hybrid cloud; and FIPS 140-2 certified environments, Accellion enables enterprises to balance cost, security, and speed of deployment.


Mobile Productivity: Productivity suite to create/edit/view/collaborate on MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on mobile devices.

Mobile file sharing, Mobile SharePoint, Project and Team Collaboration, File Sync and Storage, Secure File Transfer, FTP Replacement

Over 1800 corporations

Aramco Houston, Aruba Networks, Bacardi, Baird Holm Attorneys at Law, Cahill, CardinalHealth, Cargill, Chesapeake Energy, Conde Nast, Cornell University Weill Medical College, Creative, CVent, Edelman, Dorsy & Whitney LLP, Heinz, Harvard Medical School, Hilton, HiT, Kleinfelder, Kohler, L’Oreal, London Fire Brigade, Mattel, Merck, MobileIron, NASA, Pfizer, Rolex, SBS, Stanford University, SumTotal, Toshiba, Zynga

Tech Information
Service Name
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Medium (100-499 people)
FIPS 140-2 Level 1
99.95% (on Amazon AWS)
Telephone, Online, Email
Mobile Devices
Yes, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App, BlackBerry App
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