Review of WatchDox

Rating: 3.5/5

WatchDox specializes in file synchronization and sharing, as well as secure document storage.

At a simple file-sharing level, WatchDox is competing with software like Dropbox or Google Drive. The main way it tries to differentiate is with security and data control.

There are two variations of WatchDox, depending on business size. Businesses with at least ten users can utilize WatchDox Business, and enterprises can sign up for WatchDox Enterprise. The Enterprise Edition is for large organisations with content and identity connectors (SharePoint, File Shares, and Identity).

Full access control can be set in a number of ways, including by user, group, or role.

You can set up Digital Rights Management (DRM) in a number of ways. There can be limitations placed on files, for instance, you can restrict copy and pasting, editing or printing.

Documents can be encrypted using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, which is at a highly secure level.

The cloud component of WatchDox utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) and claims to have 99.9% uptime, along with all the AWS security features.

You can also set how long your documents exist for, and you can set dates to wipe documents. You can even wipe documents after they have been downloaded and shared.

Another form of security that WatchDox allows is the embedding of watermarks in documents. These will often be personalised watermarks, meaning that if someone inappropriately shares a document it will be obvious whose copy it is. Even a series of screenshots of a document will show the tell-tale personalized watermark.

There is a clear audit trail available for documents. The tracking includes a record of everyone who views, edits, prints or forwards a document, anywhere in the world; even after a file is downloaded.

Cloud deployment is available for all WatchDox clients. In this situation, WatchDox recognizes that many users view documents on mobile devices. Their screen layout is tailored to ensure that documents are highly readable, even on a small mobile screen. Mobile users still have the annotation and editing capabilities that are available for desktop users.

A number of business users have either suspicions about the safety of cloud computing (or simply no need for it). In these cases, WatchDox can be deployed on-premises for firms with at least 100 users. Enterprises have the option of some form of hybrid arrangement, with some cloud deployment, matched with some on-premise storage.

There are a number of optional add-ons that allow integration with specific products. These include the ability to edit Microsoft Office files on iOS and Android devices.

WatchDox Business starts at $15 / user / month, with volume discounts being available. Further per user discounts apply for WatchDox Enterprise. Organizations receive 1TB of space in the public cloud, with unlimited storage for firms that employ on-premise storage.

The standard support package includes telephone, web and email access during business hours. Firms can buy additional premium support, enabling 24/7 support access.

WatchDox is a good solution for businesses that have truly sensitive data. The big question a business has to ask itself is whether it needs better security than Google Drive or Dropbox allows. The answer to that question will determine whether the firm can justify the extra cost of WatchDox.

The Sales Pitch

WatchDox enables enterprises to securely sync, share and work with their files wherever they need to go - even on devices beyond IT control. WatchDox uniquely combines the collaboration and mobile productivity tools users want with the data visibility, control and tracking that enterprises need to stay secure and compliant.

With WatchDox, mobile users can access, annotate and even edit their files, with real Microsoft Office applications, from any device with a single, secure app. Enterprises can provide any level of security for their internal and external collaboration, protecting the firm’s intellectual property everywhere it must travel, all while providing users a seamless experience across their mobile devices, PCs, email and the web.

Unlike other file sharing solutions, WatchDox embeds intelligence to make files smarter. Files that are shared, synced or sent with WatchDox deliver the same level of security and usability no matter where they travel in the course of business.


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