The Sales Pitch

Wuala Business Developed for teams, work groups and SOHOs, Wuala Business gives you a storage space that can be used independently of individual users. Unlike standard Wuala storage, where files always belong to a user (the uploader), files uploaded to business groups stay with the company. With Wuala business, you can create multiple groups that are backed by a common pool of company storage, but that can be independently managed. If you intend to store data online that belongs to a company rather than to individual users, business storage is for you.


Files encrypted before transmitting, Automatic Backup and Versioning, Sync across devices, Mobile and online access, Share with contacts and co-workers, Collaborate with Wuala Groups

Tech Information
Service Name
Wuala Business
Parent Company
No. of Staff maintaining this service (estimated)
Tiny (10-24 people)
Launch Date
Online, Email, Community
Head Office