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Frontier Software offers a number of software modules, all based around various aspects of HR and payroll. The heart of the system is Chris21, described as their Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution, which contains the key HR and Payroll facilities. Firms can then pick and choose from a number of other modules, to create the package best suited to their needs.

The focus of the core Chris21 package is Human Resources and Payroll Management. Your organization can keep biographical data on your employees, which can be easily updated. With employee data recorded, management can easily see the business structure and headcount at any moment in time. The business’ organization chart can easily be created from within Chris21, as well as there being links to specialist charting software.

If your firm has a set remuneration policy this can easily be implemented with Chris21, and it can be used to forecast, plan and administer remuneration, either by individual employee or employee groups.

The software easily allows you to manage employee absence, particularly in relation to holidays and sickness. You can enter relevant rules and the software will automatically calculate leave entitlement.

The Payroll Management module enables your firm to easily set up and manage its payroll. It is set up to meet specific statutory requirements for Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of Ireland and India.

Timesheets can either be entered into the system manually or imported using an Import Manager. Full records are kept that automatically calculate any deductions, allowances, earnings or benefits. It is easy to make one-off pay adjustments. Likewise it is easy to make back payments for any date you wish. If your employees are on salaries and receive the same pay every week there is a ‘press button’ pay run available.

There are over 100 financial management system interfaces available. You can also import spreadsheet data directly into Chris21.

There are a large number of reports available in both the HR and Payroll modules. You can see visual representations of your data if you interface with third-party business intelligence products.

Among the other optional modules that you can choose to add to your system are Self Service (HR21), Recruit Management (ER21), Time and Attendance (TA21), Learning and Development (LD21), Performance Management (EPM21), E-claim / Expenses (ECL21) and Human Resources Dashboard (DSH21).

The Self Service module is particularly useful as it brings a dedicated web browser interface, which means access to the database is available 24/7 anywhere there is an internet connection. This access is available for moth employees and management. Employees can do such things as amend or update personal information and bank details, enter timesheets and expense claims, and apply for such things as training courses, leave and vacancies.

With the HR21 add-on management have access to numerous web-forms, and can access employee data to amend or update employee records or authorize employee requests.

Overall, Chris21 from Frontier Software is a very powerful suite of software, particularly when you choose to add other relevant modules that meet your needs to the core HR and Payroll modules.

The Sales Pitch

Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution

The various Human Resource and Payroll Management modules contained within the integrated HR software solution provide the foundation on which our customers build their Human Resource and Payroll strategies. These modules can be selected either individually, or as part of a totally integrated Human Resource software solution, to deliver a dedicated, multi-functional and highly-flexible Human Resource solution.


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chris21 including HR21, ER21, TA21, LD21, EPM21 , ECL21, and DSH21
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Frontier Software
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Medium (100-499 people)
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