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Imagine your company has a large, remote hourly workforce. You might be a restaurant, a security guard company, or a government contractor. Now imagine trying to stay in compliance with labor law, meet scheduling demands and process flawless payroll checks. Seems pretty difficult, doesn’t it? Not if you work with Valiant.

Valiant has developed integrated software solutions specifically for firms that have remote hourly workforces. Our security guard scheduling software can help you keep posts filled when they need to be. Our restaurant payroll services can help you avoid compliance issues. And our government contractor payroll expertise can help you meet all the reporting mandates of local, state, and Federal entities. With Valiant’s technology and two decades of experience, you can manage your people wherever they are. You can anticipate compliance issues, master employee tracking, and even reduce your overhead cost of labor.

Valiant Workforce Management Solutions. We make every minute count.


Return On Investment, Time and Attendance,Employee Scheduling Software, Payroll Processing, Human Resources: Employee Self Service, Compliance Management, Compensation and Performance Reviews, Attendance, Electronic Pay Stubs, Reporting

1,000 companies

SCG, Maximum Security, Hospital Shared Services, ABM, New York Mets, Air Serv, Walden Security

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Valiant Online
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Medium (100-499 people)
SAS 70
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