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February, 2015

Rating: 5/5

Kronos Workforce Central is a suite of tools designed to help medium to large businesses automate and integrate their human resource management, payroll and employment functions. It is current on Version 7.

The suite is made up of a number of modules which work together, sharing data, creating an all-encompassing employment software application.

Workforce Talent Acquisition is hiring automation software. It tries to make the process of employing a new staff member as easy as possible. Potential applicants log into the system to make their application. Their data remains available for any future jobs they apply for.

One useful feature of this module (so far, only this module) is that it ties in with candidates’ social media platforms, especially their LinkedIn profiles, pulling information from the social media accounts.

HR managers have a simplified system for analyzing potential applicants. Interview schedules can be easily created, and relevant letters can be generated and processed. Unsuitably qualified candidates can be weeded out before time is wasted on them.

Workforce HR is the section of the suite containing all of the employee records. It is designed for there to be only a single-data entry, avoiding any duplication in other modules.

As with much of the suite there is seamless access for both managers and employees to the necessary relevant data. A recent upgrade to the suite is Self Service, which enable employees to access and update their records, without the need for HR staff intervention.

  • Workforce Payroll integrates employee payroll processing with the HR and Timekeeper modules. It is an in-house payroll system, and it makes it easier to automate common payroll tasks. Usefully it does come with checks and balances and clear pre-audit trails.

  • Workforce Timekeeper is the part of the suite devoted to seeing, planning and managing employees time. It focuses on being proactive, and providing any necessary alerts to managers before troublesome events occur. It even includes a sub-module, called Workforce Employee, where employees submit their leave requests and other relevant changes.

  • Workforce Absence Manager provides complete automation and enforcement of absence-related policies related to days taken off, leave requirements, and organization attendance policies. It can automatically determine whether a leave request should result in paid or unpaid leave.

  • Workforce Scheduler is the section of the suite which schedules the labour each week. It ensures that you are using your labour effectively, while meeting all legal requirements. It can be set up to provide a list of people you can call on should key workers be absent.

  • Workforce Activities is the job costing module, which can determine your workforce’s efficiency, productivity and compliance.

  • Workforce Analytics provides a full selection of analytics, measuring workforce performance. There is a considerable quantity of data collected, and this module tries to make sense of it.

  • Workforce Mobile and Tablet are not really separate modules. They are different platforms where you can access the information from the other modules. There are mobile versions of the software for both Android and iOS phones. The is currently a tablet version for the iPad, but this is none yet available for Android tablets (and there is nothing for mobile Windows systems). The modules that have been converted for portable use are very user-friendly, but not all modules are usable on portable devices yet.

Kronos Workforce Central is best suited for organisations with more than 500 employees (many of whom are paid on an hourly basis) in the verticals of retail, manufacturing, hospitality, health care and government.

The Sales Pitch

Kronos Workforce Central offers robust workforce management solutions that are purpose-built for your industry to meet the diverse needs of managing the workforce regardless of location. Workforce Central offers solutions for scheduling, absence management, timekeeping capabilities, and powerful reporting and analytics features.

Through self-service applications that provide high quality information, managers and employees become engaged and empowered with flexible, anytime access to personalized data from any preferred PC, terminal, or mobile device.

Through powerful reporting and analytics, managers and executives have instant access and visibility to standardized and accurate data, alerts and dashboards, and comprehensive analysis and trends of day-to-day activities.

Through a sleek and modern, yet intuitive user interface, in-depth functionality and out-of-the-box simplicity are finally together as one.


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