Review of API Healthcare (Concerro)

March, 2013

Rating: 3.5/5

API Healthcare (Concerro) is a strong contender with a niche market.

API Healthcare is a workforce management solution for the healthcare industry, which focuses on time and attendance, staffing and scheduling. API Healthcare also has growing HR management and talent management functionality. They acquired Concerro in February 2012.

Before you choose API Healthcare, here are the key things you need to know.

First, strength in workforce management. API Healthcare have a very strong focus on workforce management - including staffing and scheduling, and time and attendance. We’ve found the solution is weaker in other areas, like talent management.

Second, I’d like to see some independent certification to security standards. Many of the major cloud HR providers are independently assessed against industry standards, such as ISO27001. I hope that this is something API Healthcare will do in the future, to demonstrate security measures.

Finally, API Healthcare are showing strong investment and growth, which I’m pleased about. With the acquisition of Concerro in 2012, and the release of expanded functionality, we believe that the solution’s future is bright.

The Sales Pitch

API Healthcare solutions are designed specifically for the healthcare industry by the experts in healthcare. No one understands the challenges of running a 24/7 healthcare organization like we do. From pre-hire through retirement and beyond, API Healthcare’s total workforce management solutions keeps the entire continuum of care running at optimal levels while elevating quality and performance.


Specialist for Healthcare industry: Staffing, Time and Attendance, Human Resources, Payroll, Talent Management, Analytics


AHS PharmStat, Bloomington Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Coffee Regional Medical Center, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, Gila Regional Medical Center, MemorialCare Medical Centers, Satilla Regional Medical Center, Suwanee Medical, Temps Inc

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API Healthcare / Concerro
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API Healthcare
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