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Midland HR is a leading provider of HR, talent management, and payroll software. They also provide outsourcing services which are available in a software package called iTrent or in the cloud. It is a part of the Midland Software Limited company which was founded in 1984, which provides outsourcing and consultant services for HR, as well as the software, workforce planning, talent management, and payroll. They deliver their services via the cloud or on premises.


Midland’s iTrent human resource management software improves a company’s HR management and time expenditure with its automated reporting and data analysis. iTrent is an industry leading tool which gains insight into patterns, therefore more efficiently managing your workforce. It identifies areas of inefficiency while giving real-time data to help ensure accuracy, security, and compliance within the HR departmental functions. This human resource management software is a scalable, configurable, and secure solution for HR.


Midland HR and iTrent have many great features, several are highlighted below:

Benefits Administration

The Benefits Administration feature assists in the electronic management of employee benefit packages and individual employees’ benefits. Because of its scalability, it could include benefits such as vacation, insurance, and company marketplace.

Document Management/Sharing

The Document Management / Sharing feature allows media to be stored, viewed, shared, organized, and electronically generated within the software interface.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management functions for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, payment, and management of employees.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application feature is available for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.


The Mobility feature can be accessed on mobile devices while out of the office via the internet.

Payroll Management

The Payroll Management feature supports electronic processing, posting, and reconciling of employee payroll. It can be scaled to be able to print physical payroll checks.

Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal feature allows employees or other users to upload, download, view, and manage media, without approval or intervention.

Talent Management

The Talent Management feature provides users with the ability to electronically manage employees. This feature can include training materials, compensation planning, staffing plans.

Time Tracking

The Time Tracking feature enables employees to track their time spent on projects, tasks, and other deliverables. This time tracking can help businesses with payroll for hourly employees, more accurate billing for consultants and contractors, tracking productivity and performance management.

Final Words

Midland HR is a strategic service for HR, Talent Management, and Payroll. Midland offers the iTrent software in the cloud and also offers outsourcing options to support HR and payroll efforts. All legal compliance and security are guaranteed with both formats. Midland’s HR consultant services help improve all HR processes and people. Midland employs professional payroll and HR managers with business and technical expertise to help you make the most out of your HR and payroll strategies whether you opt for iTrent or on premises services.

The Sales Pitch

MidlandHR’s HR and payroll software, iTrent, provides a single, web-based solution for talent management, workforce management, HR and payroll. Our software supports the latest operational methodologies for paying and managing your people. It provides the functionality and reliability required to run an effective and compliant payroll, and the visibility of information needed to align people to organisational goals and develop talent to support future requirements.


HR Administration, Payroll, Talent Management, Learning Management, Development, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Recruitment, Workforce Management, Time and Attendance, Organisation Planning, Rostering, Absence Management, Travel & Expenses, Benefits, Health & Safety


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