Review of Infor / Lawson HCM

March, 2013

Rating: 4/5

Infor Enwisen HCM / Lawson is an exciting company, and I think they’ve got great future ahead of them. Infor/Lawson are clearly one of the leaders in Human Capital Management. I recommend them to enterprise customers.

Infor/Lawson provides a full HR suite - they cover HR administration, talent management, recruitment, payroll (at least in North America), and time tracking.

Before you choose Infor Enwisen HCM / Lawson, here are the key things you need to know

First, Infor HCM is comprised of a number of different products, with different histories, including Lawson HRM (a Human Resources Management System), Lawson TM (for Talent Management), Lawson WM (Workforce Management), Enwisen (HR Service Delivery), Workbrain (Workforce Management) and the Infor ION Business Cloud. You may find that the user experience and integration between these different components is inconsistent.

Second, Infor offer a large variety of hosting options. You can run the software yourself, in their facilities (which we’re told are hosted by Velocity) or on the Amazon EC2 cloud. All of these bring different security measures and different risk profiles, which you should review carefully.

Third, as always, I recommend you perform a complete feature review for your specific needs. You may find that the Infor / Lawson analytics and global HR capabilities are slightly behind the top HCM suites.

Finally, we’ve found that Infor provide surprisingly good mobile support with their iOS and Android applications. We think that mobile access to applications and data is very important, and we’re pleased with Infor’s solution.

The Sales Pitch

Infor Enwisen HCM is the industry’s first and only unified human capital management platform that ties together any software, content, device or process to transform the way people work. Its revolutionary service delivery model allows you to select just the processes you need, or an end-end-solution, all delivered to maximize access and business insight, and to help you achieve breakthrough performance. Infor Enwisen HCM solutions help you with:

HR service delivery’Deliver better HR services with fewer dedicated resources and lower costs.

Talent management’Identify the critical talent in your organization and actively manage and nurture them.

Human resource management’Support core and mission-critical HR processes.

Workforce management’Reduce labor costs and optimize staff coverage.


HR Service Delivery, Talent Management, Human Resource Management, Workforce Planning, Time & Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, Performance


Kellogg’s, PSI, State of Utah, itella, Interface, AMC Theatres

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Lawson / Enwisen HCM
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