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SilkRoad is an innovative end-to-end talent management solution which can connect your people directly to the success of your business. This Life Suite offers talent management powered by social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies. It seeks to engage each and every employee from those in the recruitment process to those on their way out.

Founded in 2003 in North Carolina, SilkRoad was initially focused on the content management systems market, then moved into the e-recruitment automation market, and expanded to a series of talent management solutions software. SilkRoad is now headquartered in Chicago and has ten offices located internationally.


OpenHire is SilkRoad technology’s social recruiting software system which provides tools to attract, screen, and hire the best global talent. The applicant tracking system provides an affordable HR recruitment software solution while maintaining compliance and consistency, while remaining easy to use.

This cloud based software encompasses applicant tracking, screening, and includes a careers portal for your corporate website. OpenHire is part of SilkRoad LifeSuite –their full talent management solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable hiring workflows to manage the entire recruiting process

  • Easy creation of branded job portals for candidate engagement

  • Time-saving applicant screening, searching, and matching tools

  • Broader applicant selection through a free job distribution network and social media integration

  • Efficient interview scheduling and applicant communication


SilkRoad also has an onboarding software solution called RedCarpet, which is a part of the LifeSuite or work as separate program. RedCarpet is purposed with driving employee engagement from beginning to end. With its global reach, easy integration, and strong compliance, this secure program is an attractive option to any business that values quality employees.

Features and Benefits

RedCarpet has many features and benefits covered:

On-Boarding & Life Events

RedCarpet is geared toward acclimating new hires into the corporate culture. It also has tools for managing life events, and manages paperwork including revoking system access, returning of company assets, and termination of benefits as needed.

Electronic Forms

This feature enables employees to complete paperwork electronically while organizing and tracking e-forms and tasks which have deadlines.

Other features

  • Task Management

  • I-9 & E-Verify

  • Employee Portals


RedCarpet can integrate and share data with these programs and systems:

  • Legacy systems

  • Recruiting systems

  • Payroll and HRIS systems

  • OpenHire for recruiting

  • WingSpan for performance management

  • GreenLight for learning management

  • Eprise for intranets/content management

  • and HeartBeat for core HR

RedCarpet also integrates seamlessly with many third party vendors that provide services such as background checks and tax credit searches.

Final Words

SilkRoad offers recruiting for your business and talent management for your employees. Their LifeSuite was built from the ground up, not parceled together through acquisition. OpenHire is helpful because of its placement in the SilkRoad LifeSuite, working in tandem with all the other programs within to create a seamless integrated talent management and HR solution. They stand behind their availability too. SilkRoad’s SLA is 99% accurate in availability, if it does go down, however, you are credited for that downtime. RedCarpet is helpful for its availability in the LifeSuite or as a standalone helping with documentation and employee engagement.

The Sales Pitch

SilkRoad’s Life Suite is an innovative talent management system that’s powered by social, mobile, analytic and cloud technology to engage every employee from pre-hire to retire.

It’s an integrated suite of employer-branded applications that power your business: OpenHire for recruiting, RedCarpet for onboarding and life events, WingSpan for performance management, GreenLight for learning management, Point and Eprise for Social Collaboration and Content Management, and HeartBeat for trusted HRIS/HRMS.

The Life Suite talent management software is ideally suited for businesses of every size because it uniquely fosters:

Self-Service Engagement - Employee-centered design and personalization make it the easiest and most innovative talent management system.

Social Collaboration - SilkRoad Point and social networking and media innovations are woven throughout to provide unparalleled employee connectivity and productivity.

Information On Demand - Hundreds of out-of-the box analytics and reports satisfy reporting needs for all levels and functions.

Agile Innovation - Highly secure, cloud-based architecture allows system updates to flow without disruption.

Employer of Choice Branding - Easily customized suite ensures your brand is enhanced to connect, engage and grow talent in any region.

A System of Record with the Complete Suite - Life Suite engages all employees from pre-hire to retire and satisfies businesses of every size. And SilkRoad Connect takes the hassle out of integration with on premise or cloud-based ERP, payroll, time and attendance, and benefit systems.


Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Life Events, Performance Management, Social Talent Management, Learning Management, HR Management, Intranet and Content Management, Self-Service

1000 (estimated)

Kearney & Company, High Sierra Industries, Scoot Airline, NES Rentals, Rustan Coffee, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, McLeod Health, TPC Group, VMS, Elkay Manufacturing, GenProbe, Sirva, McAfee, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Sanford, International Paper, Stewart Enterprises, BKD, netIQ, Horizon Healthcare

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Life Suite
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Large (500+ people)
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None reported
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Telephone, Online, Email, 24x5, 24x7 (emergencies)
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