Review of TribeHR

February, 2015

Rating: 3.5/5

TribeHR follows what seems to be the standard pattern for Human Resources software of late, by being a cloud-based SaaS product. This means that authorized people can access the product anywhere there is an internet connection, and there is even an app with its key features available for iOS devices.

TribeHR offers a number of packages, offering different HR features. These packages are Starter, Group and Team (all aimed at small to medium sized businesses), as well as the Enterprise package designed for large businesses.

The offerings focus mainly on meeting core HRIS needs, as well as recruiting and talent management. TribeHR has became part of NetSuite, and there is full integration with NetSuite modules.

The Starter Package focus solely on core HRIS. Some of the features included here are:

  • personalized employee profiles
  • an organizational chart, giving a visual representation of the company’s structure, which changes in real-time, as information is input
  • a searchable company directory of all employees’ profiles which is connected to the company’s organization chart
  • employee self service, enabling employees to up-date their own files and put in place leave requests
  • time-off rules can be set and automatically applied to leave requests
  • employee documents are attached to the relevant employees’ files
  • an employee history timeline shows particular employees’ history with the organisation
  • all dates relevant to employees are kept centrally in a corporate calendar (which links in with other online calendars).

The Starter package includes one Talent Management item, namely the ability for peers to publicly recognize each other, and managers can recognize employees, all of which are stored in employee records.

The Group Package includes all of the Starter Package offerings, but adds in the recruiting module, along with a few more features in core HRIS and talent management.

The key recruiting features included are:

  • a customized job board, fully branded to the firm, where any new positions are posted, and applications handled
  • an applicant tracking system, which takes the applications received on the job board, and pre-screens and flags applicants. A file is created for each applicant and any notes, interview answers etc relating to an applicant are stored together.
  • resumes are collected directly as they are submitted to the jobs board, along with information in LinkedIn profiles.
  • hiring teams can be assembled and the members automatically receive any information they need

Additional HRIS features in the Group package are:

  • the ability to integrate compensation tracking with the firm’s payroll system
  • the recording of employee time sheets

There are also further talent management features:

  • goals management, both individual and team goals
  • skills tracking. Key employee skills are entered and cross-matched to employees. This gives a clear idea of where training is needed
  • employee reviews can be recorded, using customized templates

The Team package adds in a few more features. The recruiting module allows Facebook and Indeed integration. The core HRIS module, with its payroll integration, allows multi-location and currency support. The talent management module includes recognition of company values and 360 feedback from peers and managers. There are also more reports available for Team customers.

Enterprise customers are able to tailor the package to meet their corporate environment. They also get more training and a dedicated account manager.

TribeHR is suitable for a wide range of businesses. Its Starter price of $5 per employee per month is particularly competitive in the industry. There is a 30 day free trial period available.

The Sales Pitch

Tribe HR is the easiest way to manage your Human Resources. Our HR management software doesn’t just hold all of your employee information: It also cleverly studies it to show you trends, and highlights information that can save you time and money.

Full of awesome features in an easy-to-use intuitive interface, TribeHR helps you build a motivated and resourceful culture in your company, making everyone happier and more efficient.

TribeHR is human resources done right.

TribeHR is designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Founded by a core team of entrepreneurs and technology experts, our primary goal is to make the field of human resources software better for you. Already used by hundreds of companies to manage thousands of employees, we:

  • Simplify and automate much of the drudgery people associate with HR
  • Give employees more control over their relationship with their employer
  • Make HR less about the numbers, and more about the people

Let us automate and simplify the boring, nit-picky, and frustrating details of managing your employees. Your time is better spent working on attracting, engaging, and developing your team.


Recruiting: Applicant Tracking System, Social Network Integration, Customizable Job Board, Efficient Resume Collection, Hiring Teams, Consolidate Interview Notes

Core HRIS: Searchable Company Directory, Personalized, Social Employee Profiles, Employee Self-Service, Dynamic Organizational Chart, Employee and Resource Document Storage, Employee History Timeline, Compensation Tracking, Corporate Calendar, Multi-Location and Currency Support, Employee Time-Off Tracking, HRIS Reports

Talent Management: 360 Feedback, Peer and Public Recognition, Goal Management, Skills Tracking, Reviews and Review Cycles, Employee Performance Notes, Values and Culture

Application Integrations

Payroll Integration


Top Hat Monocle, Sweet Tooth, HiDef Web Solutions, Wave Accounting,

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